I started The Fashion Imaginarium on Octuber 2010 thinking on a place where I could show my vision of the fashion world and what I like about it.
First of all, i do NOT give negative comments or critics about fashion or anything at all. 
The whole purpose of this blog is to inspire and encourage people to seek and create stylish things in life and to enjoy them.

10 Things u won't find in this blog:
- Negativism.
- Prices.
- Courtney Love.
- Gossips about celebrities or fashion icons.
- Anything related to politics.
-  Press Releases.
- Fitness, health or beauty tips.
- Essays or encyclopedic posts.
- Boring or non-creative stuff.

TFI loves to be in contact with readers and appreciates every relationship it has with them so don't hesitate on commenting or sharing things in this blog! yours thoughts are always welcome :)