Tuesday, July 26


Yaaay i'm so excited! Today i received some cool news and i just couldn't resist to share it here with u. From august 8th to the 12th TFI will be covering the BAFWEEK spring-summer 2011/2012 edition for the Costa Rican magazine CRCMODA.

Can't wait to go to all the runways and check the showrooms!
Stay tuned! :D

Tons of love

Tuesday, July 19


Andressa Fontana by Amanda Pratt
for Karen #12

6C degrees outside, cold and gloomy day in BA
wishing i was in a warm place wearing light clothes!

Sunday, July 10


I've heard the mid-life crisis sometimes hits u terribly specially when u realize that your "glory days" had already passed and there is no excitement coming ahead. So, thinking about my early discovered quarter-life crisis, which by the way i'm starting to feel like is not that big deal... i came with this idea of writing a list of 50 things it would be fun to do before i turn 50, making sure i get to that age feeling like a did lots of fun stuff and then not looking like an idiot acting like a child. So... hope u find something cool to do here and encourage u to write your own!

1- Road trip from Florida to California.
2- Have my honey moon in Italy.
3- Take my sister to Vegas on her 21th b-day.
4- Eat a whole tray of cupcakes.
5- Learn French for once sake!
6- Crash into a greek wedding.
7- Go to a club and dance all night with my goofy moves.
8- Go to a Muse concert and sing my heart out all of their songs.

9- Get lost in an unknown city.
10- Run a 10k for a benefic cause

11- Be locked up in a mall for a complete night.

12- Start singing Frank Sinatra's "Im Gonna Live Till I Die" in a subway station.

13- Have a long chat with a hobo.

14- Accept me for who i am
15- Laugh uncontrollably in a very inaproppiate situation.

16- Learn to say NO when its NO
17- Teach a bad word to a parrot.

18- Go to the Opera
19- Hit the beach at night with a incredibly expensive evening gawn and jewels
20- Spent the whole day in the movie teather.

21- Pretend im Holly Golightly one morning and have a breakfast at Tiffany's
22- Learn to play an instrument
23- Celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square
24- Have a whole day of shopping... from early morning until late at night.

25- Build the house of my dreams.

26- Start a food fight in a fancy restaurant.
27- Get married.

28- Start my own business.
29- Read more.

30- Quit smoking...for real!

31- Own a bungalow in the pacific coast of my beloved Costa Rica.
32- Learn to make sushi.
33- Get involved about a cause: eating disorders, rescued dogs, u name it...

34- Study buddhism
35- Give a good life advice to someone.

36- Make a living from TFI
37- Learn to dance salsa properly
38- Wear an outfit picked in the dark for a whole day
39- Spent a complete day without cursing.
40- Have kids

Overcome my fear of heights.
42- Have a star named after me.
43- Make sure to tell my friends and family how much i love them
Host a big party inspired in the roaring 1920's
45- Stop worrying about stupid things
46- Go to the Taj Mahal
47- Have junkfood for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not having any remorse later
48- Go back to my highschool and attend a class of my math or history teacher.

49- Convince TV makers to include a locator device for the remote control.

50- Learn to enjoy simple things in life.

Friday, July 8


25 years, yeah... that's a quarter of a century. How come i get to live that long so fast!? Just a few months ago i realized i was turning this age and i was not going to be able to refer myself as a girl anymore. I mean... Girl? doesn't it sound a little crazy pretending i'm just a girl when i lived a quarter of my life? When i thought of this i admit i freaked out a little bit... me? thinking of me as a grown up woman? When my grandmother had my age back in 1959 she was already married, she was a wife and mother of five kids... yes! five kids.

Last week i was talking with a old friend from highschool and we were all surprised how time went so fast. 10 years ago we were only 15 and the only thing we care about was being silly. Now, it is a whole another story.

When i was 15 i saw 25 so far away i didn't worry.If someone asked me at that moment how i picture me at this age i easily answered: "Graduated from college-Successful in my business- Pretty much married". I though 25 year old people were all grown up and mature. Grown up and mature!? what was i thinking about? sometimes i miss that sweet innocence of that age 'cause actually the last thing i feel about me and pretty much most of the people around this age is that were are grown up and mature. We make mistakes constantly and we're not sure about probably anything we do. When i got to this point, my thoughts and my mood were going from bad to worse... then i desesperately asked:

If there is something such as a mid-life crisis, now i'm very much sure it does exist a quarter-life crisis too and it happens to all of us at this age. I'm probably going through it so please be patient with me.

About two or three days ago while a was coming out from shower i was thinking wheter to celebrate my 25 birthday or not and suddenly my thoughts changed from a party to gray hair and wrinkles... I worried. I saw myself in the mirror. I laughed.

So what if i turn 25? I'm i old now or what? The only way im feeling old is if i'm 75, grumpy and complaining about my hip... and I'M NOT. I'm 25, smiling and complaining about my chunky legs... and that i think it is a very good sign of youth.

So yes, i'm 25 and young. I'm 25 and reckless. I'm 25 and inmature. I'm working on it... i'm growing up, trying to become whatever i want to be even if a change my mind every six months. Don't rush me, somehow i'm enjoying it. This is my time to make mistakes and then fix it up. Don't rush me, life is short and it goes way too fast.