Thursday, March 31


I bet most of u have seen this movie at least one time. Yes? No?

For those who haven't seen it, its The Party, a 1968 movie directed by Blake Edwards and starring Peter Sellers.

This is probably the most hilarious movie i've ever seen in my life (of course, it's a Peter Sellers movie) and beside that, the whole art direction and the styling is amazing!.

Well, while watching the latest editorials in the pasts months i kept reminding this movie because of the 60's and 70's revival we've been experiencing this year.

The color palette, the silouettes, the prints, the textures on the women's dresses are so unbelievably beautiful and so wearable for today. And the house... OMG, is my dream house, i'd live there happily without any complain!

PS- sorry about the crappy quality of the movie stills... c'mon it's a 43 year old movie!

Tuesday, March 29


Not about fashion but yet totally inspiring, isn't it?

This have been my Tuesday and im loving it like u can't imagine! I was supossed to do a class project somewhere in BA and i chose the Rose Garden in Palermo.

I had to do like a street vision project and this place ended up sucking so bad for this thing i had to do(bad choice!)... anyways! i decided to enjoy a few hours over there taking pics of the beautiful view, enjoying the sun and feeling the vitamin D going through my pores and smelling the sweet sweet smell of the flowers. I went back home all refreshed feeling like a was coming back from paradise.

I can't believe i have this incredible place just a few blocks from home! I should go there more often and have a relax time!

Monday, March 28


I must admit that im not a biiig fan of makeup like some other girls. I have a very simple makeup rutine and i just change it a little bit, with subtle details when i have an special ocasion.

I hate being all painted with foundation, concealer, compact powder, blush and blah blah blah.... is too much for me and my skin! then i feel like my pores cant breathe right! Anyway... of course i love some special articles in makeup. As i've said before, im a nail polish freak and i love lipsticks.

Of course... i do understand how powerful makeup can be for women. Sometimes it means like a salvation for a bad day. A red lipstick, a plum blush or a black eyeliner is a girl's best friend and a hero too!

Well, MAC has a super powered spring collection inspired by Wonder Woman so u can actually feel u carry something as cool as a lighting bolt in your makeup bag!

Im loving the Spirit of Truth (blue) lacquer, the Rusian Red and the Spitfire lipstick and the utility gold belt with the brush set! Hope they're on sale in MAC Argentina!

Check the whole collection here!

Sunday, March 27


I've been watching this photo of Elisa Nalin in tons of street style web pages for about a month now and there is something about this look that i just love!

Is not the pleated skirt or the heels, not even the cool haircut. No, is this creazy red+lavender combination that totally catched my eye.

As i told u in a few posts ago, my mom teached me since a was a little girl that red+pink or red+purple was a hideous combination and i must never used them together. So I grew up doing what she told me but then this picture appeared making me feel rebellious.

Why my mother told me that if it looks so cool!?

Now i can't wait to match my pink and red clothes and even my makeup and show it to her haha... I may even convince her that it looks great!

Thursday, March 24


Delfine Bafort by Paul Maffi
V Spain

I've been so busy these past days and i totally abandoned TFI! School its getting "high-speed mode" now so i had my first projects this week and beside... i'm working on a AWESOME photoshoot for this Saturday and im soooooo excited about it!

So, yesterday i had my first autumn experience of the year! and it wasn't bad at all... i woke up and it was raining like hell and never stopped until 6pm. It was 15C degrees so i had the chance to wear my booties, my leather jacket and a scarf for school. It was cool! somehow i felt great being all dressed up :) well... my feet were aching at 6pm and all i wanted to do was to lay in the bed i have a nice dose of "The Pacific" and then sleep!

Lots of Love

PS- I'll be giving u more news about the shooting soon! :D