Monday, December 31


What a great year has been! Thank u so much 2012 for everything u've given me! 
Let's celerate for all good things we accomplished and make this last night the best of the year. 
Here u have 2013, world never ended, so please try make things better from now on.
 Life is easy and beautiful if u change the way u see things. Work your ass off to make your dreams come true and please dont forget to help others to achieve them, u'll never be happy if the rest of the people isn't. Be kind to one another.
My best wishes for u, lots and lots of love, health and success for everyone.

Sunday, December 30


Well yes, I like Rihanna's songs and specially her videos, despite of what many of my friends and my sister might think of me. Some of the songs are incredibly sticky and the videos are beautifuly done.
The director in "Diamonds" is Anthony Mandler, same as Fun.'s "Carry On" and "Some Nights" and Lana del Rey's "National Anthem". I really like this one, it has less skin exposure than earlier Rihanna's videos and this time it shows more genuine beauty with images that visually estimulates in a creative level.

Saturday, December 29


1. NARS eyeshadow in Savage, 2.Tosca Golden Volcanic Ring, 3. Rag & Bone Renard Brocade Dress, 4. Alice & Olivia Pixie Sequined crop top, 5. Oscar de la Renta 22-karat gold.plated bib necklace, 6. Jimmy Choo Camisa gold sequined clutch, 7. Michael Kors Gia studded clutch, 8. Charlotte Olympia Priscilla glittered pumps, 9. Premiere by Gucci, 10. Dior Golden Jungle Cocodrile Leather effect nail polish duo.

1.DANNIJO Vala Necklace, 2. Lashes Sequin Bodycon dress, 3. Alice & Olivia metallic leather leggins, 4. Butter London Dodgy Barnett Nail Lacquer, 5. Yves Saint Laurent mirrored-heel metallic leather pumps, 6. Sarah's Bag  Silver Diamong gothic clutch, 7. Color-Fix by Terry Ombre Cream Eyeshadow, 8. Diamonds by Emporio Armani.

BYE BYE 2012

Bye Bye 2012! You´ve been a wonderful year!

Last year on New Year's Eve I promised myself 2012 would be ass-kicking no matter what.
I got to accomplish every single thing on my list of resolutions: MORE TRIPS, MORE CONCERTS, MORE PARTIES, MORE LAUGHTER, MORE FRIENDS, MORE LOVE, MORE FUN AND LESS WORRYING. Actually, I dont know if I've been emotionally constipated or something, but I just stopped giving a sh*t about certain stuff and learned to worry less and enjoy moments, the simple things in life.
So, Cheers for all the beautiful new friends I made and for the old ones that stayed to share with me. Cheers for all the good times laughing and partying and for the hard times working my ass off as well. Cheers for reuniting with my family and friends from childhood. Cheers for the new places I´ve been. CHEERS FOR NEW STATE I AM NOW ♥

Thursday, December 27


Alexandre Weinberger for Madame Figaro

Love the idea of decorating your hair with sparkling accesories this season, gives a twist to your regular hairdo and upgrades it in a way u can even leave aside other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces and earrings. 

Tuesday, December 25


 Satin blouse: Me, Skirt: borrowed from my sister, Necklace: Dayaday, Ring: Isadora, Bracelet: Vintage

I spent a beautiful evening with my family last night here in Caracas, full of food and drinks. It´s been six years since we didn't celebrate it all together, it was sooo special for me! Hope this happens more often in the next years, it makes me remember how blessed I am and how insignificant are presents and other stuff sometimes... my best gift this Christmas was holding my loved ones and laugh with them.
The highlight of my outfit was this necklace.... i looove it so bad! im really really into statement necklaces right now, they are like the cherry in the top of my sundae. Bought this one a few days ago while i was already paying for other things and i just jumped and took it ´cause it was the last one!

Monday, December 24


Happy Holidays Everyone! Spend a beautiful evening with your loved ones!
Let´s all wish for more love, peace and respect and less material stuff. Hold tight your family and friends and tell them how much u love them, that is the best gift ever!

Lots of love

Sunday, December 23


Directed by Tim Burton with actors Wynona Ryder And Craig Roberts inspired in 1935 Karl Freund film "Mad Love" and with some other reminiscences from his famous film "Corpse Bride". This is the second time the director collaborates with the band, first time was with "Bones" video.

Saturday, December 22


1. Guiseppe Zanotti Brass Collar Necklace, 2. Rachel Zoe Black Rectangle Pave Earrings, 3. Alexis Bittar Siyabona Gold Sunset Custler Hinge Bracelet, 4. Mango Leather Effect Necklace, 5. Ellie Saab Rectangle Alligator Clutch Bag, 6. Gucci Studded Suede Minibox Clutch.

Wednesday, December 19


 I just have been nominated by my dear friend and beautiful blogger Maria Alejandro Brisso from "Brain Stylist" to the Liebster Blog Award, a way to get to know each other in the blogosphere.
These are the rules:
- You have to write 11 things about you.
- Answer the 11 question made by the one who nominated you.
- Make 11 question to be answered to your nominees.

1. Can´t live without music. Im always searching and listening new bands.
2. Im vegetarian.
3. I looooove travelling, not the fancy way. Just grab a bag and hit the road.
4. Caffeine addict.
5. If i weren't in the fashion bussiness I would probably be in the gastronomy industry.
6. I'm a dog lover, BIG TIME!. I have two dogs: Tobias and Rocko.
7. Love shopping in antique shops.
8. I like to design my own clothes, most of my wardrobe is selfmade.
9. Love, love, loooove working in film projects. 
10. I would go out partying every single night if my body and bank account allow me to.
11. HATE talking on the phone.

1. What means fashion for you?  maybe too much stuff on my mind. I dont like being asked that question.
2. Why you decided to be a fashion blogger? I was frustrated and stuck in my career, I couldn't find somewhere to work and do what I like to do, so I decided to create my own space and have my own audience.
3. Why you chose that name for your blog? Because i wasn't working for Vogue or Elle magazine, I was working on something on my own showing my own vision of fashion, I had freedom to do whatever I wanted, it was my imaginarium.
4. Which is the piece that should never be missing in a woman's closet? A little black dress.
5. Favorite Brand/Designer? too many...Proenza Schouler, Prabal Gurung, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Celine, Miu Miu. In Argentina probably A.Y. Not Dead, Maria Cher, Evangelina Bomparola, Marcelo Giaccobe, Garza Lobos.
6. What do you think when people say "fashion is superficial"? "MAYBE YOU ARE SUPERFICIAL, READ A BOOK"
7. What is your goal in fashion? have the opportunity of writing and be read, collaborate with different projects envolving editorial, design and films.
8. If u could choose an ideal job in fashion what it would be? MY OWN BUSSINESS.
9. Someone you admire in fashion industry? Probably Lazaro Hernandez, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenneth Cole, Andy Torres from Stylescrapbook. In Argentina, blogger Antonella Repetto from Hey Mcfly. Not only for their creativity, but for their cleverness and persistance.
10. How often do you go shopping? not much, I try to stick on "smart shopping"
11. What piece identifies you? uuhhmm... a leather jacket, distressed jeans, heels high as f*ck.

1. Beside fashion, what inspires you?
2. If u weren´t involved in this, what would you be doing?
3. How do you picture yourself in 5 years?
4. How did you picture yourself when you were 5?
5. Define your style.
6. Worst thing you wore.
7. Favorite item in your closet.
8. Name a musician that you admire for his/her style.
9. What is your motto in life?
10. Your working ethics and rules, do you have any?
11. Would you rather have a very well paid job as an employee or risk it all on something on your own?

- Gime Vacarezza from That Rocking Style
- Cande Moran from Little Black Book
- Luz del Mar Silva from A La Velocidad de la Luz
- Marie Trepanier from Make The World A Prettier Place
- Nayith Diaz 
Noelle Chantal

Tuesday, December 18


A few months ago when I came to my hometown I didn't know very much about what was going on with fashion here, but after a short time I started discovering more and more of this new generation of great young designers that are giving a fresh and quite modern twist to fashion in this country.

Couple of weeks ago got the first glimpse when I was in Aprilis store (3rd av. 1st trans, Los Palos Grandes, Ccs) in a beautiful event and had the chance to meet designer Alejandro Ramirez. While i was checking out some incredible pieces he kindly approched me and introduced himself and started talking about his two new collections and about his work in general.

This talented man studied in Caracas, Barcelona and Milan and knows, KNOWS! how to work with rich fabrics and how to make them look right on women's body. Absolutely all his garments have perfect tailoring and suit amazingly giving the lucky woman who wear his pieces an exalted feeling of femininity, almost like a femme fatale. 

Last saturday I stopped by his showroom where u can actually breath his universe and checked his latest collection - THE BLACK COLLECTION- which consist on coctail, pret-a-porter.. or maybe more like demi-couture pieces, peeerrrrrfect for this holidays or just any other occasion to delight everyone in a killer party. After checking this and realizing how creative you can be with only one color and how great u can look, u'll probably say as well that u'll stop wearing black when someone invent a darker color.

Check out more about Alejandro Ramirez here

Sunday, December 16


Starting today, every sunday u´ll have an inspirting music video. Enjoy it

Saturday, December 15

Friday, December 14


My five hot picks for summer 2013 in Argentina

Grupo 134 - Honduras 4709, Palermo Soho

Garza Lobos - El Salvador 4734, Palermo Soho

T H E M - Malabia 1924, Palermo Soho

Visentini - contact here

Blackmamba - Thames 2110 1D, Palermo

Thursday, December 13


I honestly cannot believe I never knew about this absolutely beautiful fashion film before, made in Caracas, my hometown. This perfectly done short film is directed by Valerie Lollett and Carlos Pierucci and tells de story about Irina (perfomed by Eglantina Zingg) an apparently jadded woman who stays in the House of Dr. Redphone, in real life "Quinta El Cerrito" a master work of architech Gio Ponti, where she finds how to overcome her state through creative and stimulating experiences.
It ends with a beautiful  "You are gonna be OK, you only need a place to find yourself" and this work it is certainly one of those places!

Thursday, November 22


As i've said in previous ocassions, people should be thankful every single day of their lives, but it is good to have one special day in the year when u can show it louder than regular.
So, thank u life so much for the lessons learned this months, for the new places i've known, for the beautiful people i've met even in the most random situations, for the most fucked up and awesome friends i have by my side, for the confidence and strengh in me i keep discovering and the infinite patience u have given me when i want to send everything to hell.
Thank u so much!

Wednesday, November 21


1. Proenza Schouler brocade mini skirt, 2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture, 3. Bardot mettallic peplum top, 4. Michael Kors oversized studded quilted clutch bag, 5. Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses, 6. DSquared2 bracelet, 7. Chanel eyeliner ligne extreme, 8. Asos Vixon Brocade flatform creepers.

Thursday, September 6

OuLolu Showroom

I was wearing: Dress: designed by me, Heels: Zara, Silver necklace: bought in Bolivia, Rings: gift from my sister.

I've been out of the map for long while, i'm now in my hometown spending a season and working with new people in a whole different scenario and his is one of the thing i've been working on.
Since i arrived I started working with Luz, designer of LOLU as her stylist. This pics are from the exhibition of her new collection in a incredibly beautiful event we organized together alongside with my sister, the coolest Dj in town :)

Thanks to: Carlos Peña from AlternativeEvents