Friday, May 25


Today is the 202th Anniversary of Argentina and i'm not patriotic, but i just wanted to show my love for this country i've been living in the last 5 years and somehow it became my real home. It has some big problems and great flaws, but i am grateful to be received an accepted in such a warm way by this amazing people, the argentineans.
This is why i wanna share my 10 main reasons why i think this place is awesome and everyone who's considering the idea of visiting this place should read this (or everyone who's already here and need to remember why it is so cool...)

1. FASHION: it has such an unique style and u can actually breathe fashion right in the moment when u go out of your house. The shops, the cool events and the attitude and the look of the people in the streets. There are more and more designers with great ideas each passing year and i think this country can easily become a new spot for fashion in the world, so please... turn your eyes just a few seconds and see what is happening here with fashion, u won't regret it!

2.STUDENT FRIENDLY CITIES: education here is excellent and quite cheap, it has so many options with different careers for young people and that is why it is not only BA but other major cities are full local and foreign students from all countries. It is impossible not to have a big multicultural group of friends while u are studying and living here.

3. NIGHTLIFE: it has the coolest bars and clubs with awesome parties with such a variety of music, that can go until really late at night (or really early in the morning?). There is always something for the night all year 'round no matter if it is monday or tuesday... actually those days have the best parties in BA.

4. COOL CAFES AND RESTAURANTS: even though it's been getting expensive, still quite cheap compared to other countries. U can find all types of delicious food for all budgets in every neighborhood. From local eatiries to fancy and trendy places with awesome decorations. 

5. YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS: Argentina is in the top 10 of countries with most entrepreneurs in the world. 1 out of 8 people here is an entrepreneur and is involved in a new business and innovative projects, most of them young people. This country have gone through mayor crisis and its full of smart people that know how to overcome and take advantage of that, they see opportunities in crisis.

6. OPENMINDED PEOPLE: people here is  warm and modern, even though they are quite attached to their culture and heritage is easy to be accepted and respected. Argentinean people is always amazed by the new so it is a perfect place to be and not to be judged.

7. ASADO AND WINE: im not a big fan of beef, i just eat it once a while, but i admit it.... it is goooooooooooood! the argentinean kind just melts in your mouth like butter. Being invited by a local to a asado (grill) at his/her place is a life experience you will always remember. Wine is another thing, it is incredibly cheap and its like water to argentineans, u can drink it everyday easily. Bife de Lomo with a glass of Malbec is like heaven in your mouth!

8. MUSIC FESTIVALS: there are concerts and small gigs at clubs every month, but the music festivals during spring and summer are just amazing. Lots of international bands have stated that argentinean crowd is one of the loudest and energetic they've ever had. People here are just crazy for music and they enjoy these kind of events. U can have great memorable shows of any band u like, really underground or mainstream and the best thing is that people here really appreciate it, so they are always respectful and considered to everyone during the show, if u fall, lose your phone or need to tie your shoe laces there is always going to be at least 5 people next to you helping. Great news: we are going to have Rock in Rio in 2013 in BA!

9. ANTIQUE MARKETS AND SECONDHAND SHOPS: this place is full of them. U can find anything! from really cheap and cool clothes to really old cameras and beautiful antique pieces as lamps, clocks and jewelry. U can by Salvatore Ferragamo bags for less than 100 dollars, isnt that perfect!?

10. BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPES: this whole country is incredible and has lots and lots of places visit that it doesn't even need the Caribbean (but still, i really miss it sometimes). Glaciars in the Patagonia, penguins and whales in the atlantic coast, wineyards, breathtaking waterfalls, the Andes Mountains and amazing canyons in the north that look from another planet. Once u head North it gets cheaper and cheaper!

Monday, May 14


I have written about my mom here a hundred of times before, but it is only because she deserves it and specially since yesterday was Mother's Day. So, this post it's just a dedicatory for her and all great mommies out there.

Thank u so much for being always a friend, the best i will ever have in my life. For being there for me no matter what, to listen when a cry on the other side of the phone, to calm me down when in the verge of a crisis or just to chat with me on fb about boys and stuff. 
Thank u for always being the person that believes in me even when i don't, for reminding me who i am and where i come from. Thank u for giving me the freedom of being whoever the fuck i want and do whatever i please, for teaching me that i should not be ashamed of the things i like or the things i do, for supporting me even in the most insane and reckless ideas i have and for encouraging me to chase the things that makes me happy in life. Thank u for always teaching me to fly away and look for whatever it is outside.
Thank u for having so much patience with me, for being the little light when in feel lost in the dark, for being the little angel against the little devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear the right thing to do when im thinking to do something wrong. Thank u for never ever judge me for my mistakes.
If i had achieved something and im a good person today, it is only because you tought me to be like this.
I guess u finally get this kind of stuff when u grow up and specially being apart, but yes...U ARE MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.
                                                       I LOVE U MOM!