Wednesday, December 7


1. Alice+Olivia sequined stretch mesh dress, 2. Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal emebellished heels, 3. Forzieri gold crystal jeweled heart clutch, 4. Graydon Grandiet pearl bracelet, 5. Matthew Williamson feather and sequined embellished silk skirt, 6. Giuseppe Zanotti golden pumps, 7. Dolce & Gabbana jewel and pearl- embellished clutch, 8. Deborah Lippmann glitter polish and Dior vernis iin exquix 611, 9. Gold and ivory pearl necklace, 10. Farah Kahn embellished sleeveless dress.

We're only 17 days away from Christmas. Here's some inspiration for your holiday's outfit.

Monday, December 5

Thursday, November 24


I was thought to always be thankful in life no matter the day in the calendar, but it is nice to have one special day in the year to officially say THANKS.
So, thank u life for the lessons given this year, for the lovely new people I've found in my way these past months, for the strength and confidence i never thought i had, for the new experiences and chances, thank u friends and family for being there for me even at 4am, thank u lovely readers for the support.
Enjoy your Turkey Day with your loved ones!

Wednesday, November 23


If I ever liked Florence Welch's from Florence + The Machine style before, now with her second album I could say im completely mesmerized!. Even though i'm not liking this new album as much as i loved the first one, since i think is now more "The Machine" than Florence herself, i would say this is my favorite styling/image from her.

Ever since I saw the "Shake it out" video early October, with her wearing that golden dress I had this impression of a modern day Botticelli's Venus; very femenine with the red wavy hair But if I had any doubt of it, I confirmed it when I saw the Chanel spring 2012 runway, when she was singing "What the water gave me" and coming out of a giant shell just like Sandro Botticelli's painting "Birth of Venus". I was a-ma-zed!.

 Left: Chanel spring 2012 runway. Right: on Later Live with Jools Holland.

I am freaking loving every single thing she's wearing right now, either on a live presentation or in her videos.  Beautiful embellished goddess like dresses with a kind of a Art Deco inspiration, but yet so modern and edgy!

on Saturday Night Live 

Check the other videos!: At Chanel's spring 2012 runway 
                                     At Later Live with Jools Holland

Tuesday, November 8


Alina Baikova by Nicole Bentley
Vogue Australia November 2011

I'm almost a month away from my oh-so awaited, beloved and deserved summer vacations. Im literally daydreaming about all the things i want to do during my break in my hometown and counting down the days until my crappy/boring semester in college finally ends.

These are the things i'll be up to:

- Going to the beach!... i NEED an overdose of the Caribbean
- Drinking beer + watching baseball games
- Eating tons of tropical fruits
- Laying on the grass of my backyard doing absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g
- Playing with my dog
- Having a homespa days with my sister doing our nails and brushing our hair
- Having barbecue parties with my cousins + sister
- Pampering my beautiful niece
- Getting a decent tan
- Reading books with non-educational purpouses...probably The Southern Vampire Stories.
- Buying thousands of cool fabrics for self-designed clothes
- Being pampered by all of my family members :)