Friday, December 31


Happy New Year!!
Im so gratefull for what i achieved this 2010 and so excited about 2011 its preparing for me. This blog and u guys have been a beautiful gift this year gave to me and i can't wait to start working on new projects to share with u.
Let's make this last night of 2010 the best of this year, let's celebrate for all the good things and don't forget to start tomorrow with a great smile on your faces and full of energy!
I wish u the best for u and your loved ones! may this coming year be the best of our lives, may it be full of success, love and health!

tons of love <3>


indian Summer
Gemma Ward by Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue UK October 2007

I wanted to share with u some of the crazy superstitions we have in my country and some other places in Latin America for New Year.
1. Eating 12 grapes at the moment the bells rings 12 o'clock. Each grape represents a month and one wish.
2. Throwing rice grains at 12 o'clock. That means abundance.
3. Eating 12 spoonfuls of lentils. Each one represents one wish.
4. Throwing a bucket of water out of your house. That means throwing all the bad stuff from last year.
5. Wearing yellow underwear. Brings u good luck!. Pink in Argentina, red in Spain.
6. Running like crazy with tons of luggage. That means u will get to travel in the year. The more luggage u have and the far u run, the greatest will be your trips. (This is the one i always do haha.)
7. Having dollars, euros and your local currency in your shoes at 12 o'clock. That means u will have a lot of money in the year.
8. Light candles. Blue means peace, yellow abundance, red means passion, green means healthy, white brightness and orange cleverness.
9. Wearing a gold ring or put it on your champagne glass. That means prosperity.
10. Burning a doll made of old clothes. It represent the last year and all the bad stuff in it.
11. Using your underwear backwards. That will bring u a lot of new clothes next year!
12. Climbing up on a chair 12 times. That will make u find a boyfriend/girlfriend next year.
13. Being under a table at 12 o'clock. That means u'll get married the next year.

Do u have any superstition or tradicion for New Year?

Thursday, December 30

Wednesday, December 29


1. Balmain jacquard straight-leg pants, 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs sequined wool bolero, 3. 3.1 Phillip Lim side drapped sequins dress, 4. Michael kors sequined shell top, 5. H&M gold bustier, 6. Balmain double-breasted jacquard jacket, 7. Moschino Cheap & Chic metallic leather skirt, 8. Malene Birger sequined dress.

1. Alexander McQueen knuckle box clutch, 2. YSL platform pumps, 3. Gucci gold bamboo ring, 4. Oscar de la Renta drop earrings, 5. Freelook gold stainless steel roman numbers watch, 6. Alexander McQueen gold flower ring, 7. Janis Savitt snake chain and crystal necklace, 8. Forzieri heart-shaped gold crystal clutch, 9. YSL gold ring, 10. Lanvin metallic leather flats, 11. Charm&Chain flower bud necklace, 12. Marc jacobs floral brocade flats, 13. Betsey Johnson sequin bow clutch.

Monday, December 27


Nice Rock issue #2 - Argentina
Ph: Jorge Aragon
Styling: Aragon + Santoro
Model: Lucila Santoro


Reflex Mag December 2010- Argentina
Ph: Mireia Grau
Styling: Ivona Yvonn
Model: Laure-Ann Ballon For Sight Models

Today was so hot in the city! We have a red alert for the heat wave and all i can think about is wearing light colored clothes and taking long walks on the shore while i feel the cool water in my feet!
This pictorial totally makes me dream of it while im counting down the days for my summer break! :)

Saturday, December 25


Hey guys!

I just wanted to share with u some photos of my x-mas tree. This is the very first tree i've had since i moved and the first one i've decorated all by myself.
What do u think of it? Part of the ornaments were totally D.I.Y.

I hope u had a blast last night and today. I did! I had a delicious dinner with good friends and my boyfriend and then went out dance.
I was missing my family but i know i'll be hugging them in a few days! :)

How was your x-mas bash?

Lots of love!

Friday, December 24


Hey sweeties!
I just wanted to wish u all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your all your loved ones, kiss them, hug them and tell them how much they mean to u. May Santa bring u all the best for next year!

This is my favorite christmas song, enjoy it!

Thursday, December 23