Sunday, August 28


What would have happened if somebody said that Mona Lisa was so ugly that could not be considered a piece of art? What would have happened then with every detail on that paint, color softness, light handling and that awkward smile of a woman/man/whatever-I-don't-know-what?

What occurs when you see a Gareth Pugh piece and you just find it plain horrible? Do you realize how horrible it is to insult the work of not one, but up to 7 artists, who worked hundreds of hours to make such a marvelous piece that is mostlikely impossible to wear it?, Yes!, not all creations are made by designers to be sold. Some of them are made just because and for delight of those who can actually connect with this new piece of textile manipulation and craftsmanship.

May not Gareth Pugh be a Grand Couturier, he is a very talented designer, young and sort of sexy but-bot-too-much, which attracts customers absolutely different from normal houses. Should not forget that the whole world is moved by retail, classified as the standard but without that much development of new techniques or garments made without a pattern; Not the same as Couture which is way different than that, is shows exceptional mastercraftsmanship without being that extravagant in a “simple” dress made by 7 people in over 2500 hours…

Many people is scared, seriously scared of fashion, what happens, enven the fear exceeds to the point of not understanding the simplicity of one of the easiest houses to understand, which is CHANEL. Let’s see… black, white, camellias, N5, tweet y little black dress. Is really that hard to understand it? Seems like only when you are not so superficial to know yourself. (reference to Oscar Wilde)

I’m not trying to change anyone, I’m just telling some people that your comments about our passions are not welcome sometimes. And if you want to call me superficial; Mon Plaisir. I have no problem hiding that I can love so much my bags than someone else…

Nayith Diaz

Director at CRCMODA Magazine


Backstage at Juana de Arco's runway on day 2 in BAFWEEK

Ph.: Bruno Mentasti and me.

Sunday, August 21


Raisa Batista by Eduardo Rezende
Vogue Brazil

We're only a month away from spring down here in the south hemisphere! yay! Can't wait to start using lighter clothes and go shopping delicious strawberries in the grocery market! :D


Estamos solo a un mes para que llegue la primavera aqui en el hemisferio sur! No puedo esperar para empezar a vestir ropas mas ligeras e ir a comprar fresas de la temporada! :D

Friday, August 19


Hi all! As i told u weeks ago, i was invited to cover the Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAFWEEK) for the Costa Rican magazine CRCMODA. Now, a week after i have the chance to start sharing with u all about it.

Well... day one started as it promissed to be the whole week, hectic! I had to go early to get some school stuff done and then to the Bussiness Press office to get our credentials. By the time i got back home i only had a little time to get ready and leave again for the first runway. I met David (my photo/videoboy) in my house and then we head to Paseo Alcorta, which is a shopping mall in the Palermo neighborhood, where Maria Cher's, the first and opening runway from the BAFWEEK S/S 2012 was taking place.

We arrived like 8743749 hours earlier... well, not that much...just two! It seems like they had a mistake setting the time on invitations (was it 6 or 7pm!?)but anyway... we decided to grab a nice cup of coffee and some blueberry muffins at Starbucks while we were making time for the show to start.
By the time everyone was arriving, we decided to go back and look for our places. It was chaotic! must be 'cuz it was the first day only, but i think the staff and the security guards were all A LITTLE! disoriented and rude. Anyway... i got my seat (front row btw...) and i enjoyed watching the beautiful collection from Maria Cher reeaaaally close. If i didn't mentioned this before on TFI, Maria Cher is one of my favorite argentinean labels along with A.Y. NOT DEAD, so i enjoy and almost suffered watching the models passing in front of my nose with all the clothes for this new season.

The collection and the runway was awesome. It started with a beautiful song that somehow took me back to the days when i was a child enjoying summer vacations... then the music got more and more powerful. The models looked like they were coming from a rock festival from the 70's... styled with beautiful white mesh veils and bows on their heads with a messy side braid.There were tons of maxidresses, openwork suede, leather jackets with fringes, deep dyed and batik tunics, details on leopard prints and ultra slim stonewashed jeans and some other distressed boyfriend fit. The jumpsuits were all in and of course there was a classic line in this collection with blazars and oxford trousers. The color palette went through all shades of nude, camel and army green and there was also a lot of red presence.

I practicly l-o-v-e-d the whole collection... what i hated? flatforms! God... please someone make them go away and never come back!


Hola todos! como les comente hace unas semanas, fui invitada a cubrir el Fashion Week de Buenos Aires (BAFWEEK) para la revista CRCMODA.

El primer dia empezo tal como prometia ser toda la semana, movida! Salid esde temprano para dejar listas unas cosas de la uniersidad y luego pase por la oficina de Bussiness Press por nuestras credenciales. Para el momento que regresaba a casa solo me quedaba muy poco timepo para arreglarme y salir de nuevo al primer desfile. Me encontre con David (mi chico foto/video)en mi casa y de alli salimos a Paseo Alcorta, in shopping en el barrio de Palermo donde seria el desfile de Maria Cher, el primer que abria el evento del BAFWEEK.

Llegamos unas 8743749 horas antes... bueno, no tanto.. solo dos horas! Al parecer tuvieron un pequenio error al fijar la hora en las invitaciones (era a las 6 o a las 7pm!?) asi que decidimos ir por un cafe y unos muffins de arandanos al Starbucks mientras haciamos tiempo a que el desfile iniciara.

Para el momento en que todos llegaban, decidimos regresar y bucar nuestros lugares. Fue caotico! lo siento... quizas fue porque era el primer dia, pero creo que la gente del staff y de seguridad estaba UN POCO desorientada y grosera. De cualquier manera... logre sentarme (en primera fila por cierto) y disfrute viendo la hermosa coleccion de Maria Cher muuuy de cerquita. Si nunca lo habia mencionado antes en TFI, Maria Cher es una de mis marcas argentinas favoritas junto con A.Y. NOT DEAD, asi que disfrute y casi sufri viendo a todas las modelos pasarme en frente de mi nariz con toda la ropa de la nueva coleccion.

La coleccion y el desfile estuvieron muy buenos. Empezo con una cancion muy dulce cantada por ninos que de alguna manera llevaron a mi memoria a los dias que era chica y difrutaba mis vacaciones de verano. Luego la musica se fue haciendo mas y mas fuerte y poderosa.
Las modelos parecian recien salidas de un festival de rock en los 70's...llevaban velos y moƱos de puntilla blanca en la cabeza peinadas con trenas desordenadas a un lado. Habian muchos maxivestidos, short y faldas de gamuza calada, chaquetas de cuero con flecos, tunicas de batik y degradados, detalles en print de leopardo, jeans lavados ultra slim y algunos otros de corte boyfriend desgastados. Tambien habian muchisimos jumpsuits en esta coleccion y una linea muy clasica de sastreria con blazers y pantalones oxford. La paleta de color iba en todos los tonos de nude, camel y verde militar y una fuerte presencia del rojo.

Practicamente a-m-e toda la coleccion... lo que odie? las flatforms! Dios!... que alguien haga que se vayan!