Thursday, January 20


Hey guys!

This is why i´ve been away these days! My parents moved to a new place and it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere haha... I swear i´ve never been so disconnected with civilization that long (6 days) but i admit that im enjoying it as a i never thought i would!

This view is really (really!) the view we have in the frontyard of the house! amazing, right?

Kisses, hugs and mosquitos from 'I Don´t Know Where the Hell I Am'

Saturday, January 15


Ranya Mordanova by KT Auleta
Vogue Russia June 2010

Hey guys!
So, im finally in Caracas after a long, LONG flight. I arrived yesterday night, after 14 hours on a plane and i was completelly exhausted!
I leave at 5am from Buenos Aires and then stopped in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Manaus before finally getting to Caracas at 7pm. I tried to sleep during the flight but it was very incomfortable and now i have a terrible pain in my back and neck... auch!
Hope ur doing well. Now my family is spoiling me, eating all the food i missed and enjoying a great springy weather.
Ill be here about a month so i think u are probably going to have a lack of The Fashion Imaginarium updates because i´ll be trying to enjoy my loved ones as much as i can. I´ll do my best letting u know about me everytime i can!

Tons of Love!

Tuesday, January 11


Valeria Kelava & Ming Xi by Daniel Jackson Vogue China February 2011

I love tailored suits, they look great on women. Maybe its because these are originally male garments, so they give any woman who wears them a very sultry look (women look great with any male garment in my opinion).
Beside of the whole outfit (which i've never used beacause i've never had the chance or need), I love when mixing these items with others like tees or jeans.
Yesterday afternoon, when i had absolutelly nothing interesting to do, I catch Working Girl on TV and then felt quite inspired to create these fun outfits:

Saturday, January 8


Two days ago i read this great article on written by Tania Braukämper, where she talks about excersizing clothes and gives us 5 ways to be fashionable when we hit the gym.
I thought it was really worthy to be shared with u guys and maybe adding some opinions and cool ideas from myself :)
The sporty clothing was a big 2010 trend and that made the famous gray tracksuit pants go from gym bags to our daily outfits, wearing them even with high heels. But she says we can do it both ways, we can also purchase some fashion items and then go straight to our gym bags, right?
I personally don't like hiting the gym, in fact, i h-a-t-e it. The whole idea of being locked up in a room with a bunch of people I don't know, being all sweaty and sharing the same heavy air doesn't work for me at all. I love excersizing outdoors where i can breathe my own oxigen.
Anyway, going to the gym or not, there's is always the dilemma of what u are going to wear.
So, here u have some incredible tips:

1. The One-shouldered Sport Bra: this is from Alexander Wang's spring collection. I think is great but i little risky for full-chested women. Im totally the opossite of that, so i even dare to wear it for running under some other piece like a sweater or a jacket.

2. Sex it up with Sporty Sheer Mesh: transparency was another hit trend in 2010 trend and it seems to keep going on 2011. So this totally works for sportwear. It makes it totally breathable, but i'll make sure to not be showing too much!.

3. Work your Butt off with Hot Pants: Tanya B. says it's a great incentive to work butt into shape and i really believe that!. But i'll just leave that hot pants option for other people. I use to go out running at night so it is not a good idea for me.

4. The Stripey Sport Socks: they give your sport outfit a great retro look! This may work perfectly if u are playing tennis or soccer.

5. The Luxe Sun Visor: please make sure u are excersizing outdoors and there's enough sunlight, otherwise u might look incredibly ridiculous.

Because i love excersizing outdoors i would add a sixth item to this list, and it is:

6. The Fanny Pack: these are from Diane Von Furstenberg's Spring 2011 Collection. I actually don't see fanny packs with a friendly eye. Even when my mom suggests me to wear one in airports or when i travel i freak out a little bit, but i admit they're quite practical. If they are well fitted they could be a great accesory for outdoor sports. Specially for me that i might need to carry my keys, mi ID and some money.

Thursday, January 6


Ashley Smith by David Dunam
Vogue Gioiello Dec 2010

Today X-mas is officially over with the "Dia de Reyes" or "Epiphany".Im kinda sad because my favorite time in the year ended and tomorrow i'll have to take out my beautiful x-mas tree, but im also excited because i'll be seing my family in exactly one week! :D

What did the Three Magic Kings brought u this year? hope u had a lot of gooold!!

Wednesday, January 5


Charlotte di Calypso by Miles Aldridge
Vogue Italia Oct 2010

This year its starting juuuust perfectly and i did not make any of those crazy new year's traditions i talked u about in one of my lastest posts. This year i decided to leave everything on fate's hands and let the good things arrive on its own.
It's been only 5 days since 2011 started and great things are already coming to my life! I got an offer to be part of a really fun project and i totally said yes.
Im sooo grateful and sooo excited about this! I can't wait to start working and share it with u guys!
I can't talk about it very much 'til its completely done but i'll be giving u some updates about how is everyhting going.
U better stay tuned for some great news!! :D

tons of love!

Monday, January 3


The New York Times published a great list of the most forgettable trends of 2010 made by Cathy Horyn and Eric Wilson.
So, as a blogger one of my personal codes are trying not to criticize or making negative comments about anything, but i thought i could share with u guys this list and make my personal opinion about it and maybe tell u what i would like to see this 2011!

1. Cupcake Breasts.(that Galliano's dress Charlize Theron wore for the Academy Awards)
2. Hedgerow Brows. (Uhmm...Im a proud thick e
yebrowed girl)
3. More uptights 50's fashion spreads. (I love50's, so... its ok for me)
4. Skirts that drape, flaps, fold or flop in front. ( love those, but is not flattering for everybody :()
5. Anything with skulls and studs. (love both, but i could live without skulls a little while)

6. Transparency in clothes. (love those items but i dont love watching people's underwear or breasts!)
7. Novelty treatments on blazers. (im a blazer freak, no matter what)
8. Denim Diapers. ( that is just wrong)
9. Trapper hats. ( i guess if you are too cold or in Siberia u could wear it, right?)
10. Copying Celine. ( i love Phoebe Philo's style but i love it on her creations, not in others.)

So, these are the trends i'd love to watch (or wear) this 2011:

1. 70's glamour
2. biker clothing

3. maxidresses
4. flare pants!
5. stripes (always)

6. jumpsuits
7. gold, bronze or silver garments, makeup and ac

Fidelity Denim



Hans Neumann for Glamour Mexico
January 2011