Thursday, February 24


Marta Caldana by Andrea D'Aquino

I can't believe im back in BA! after some deserved vacations and a long flight, i'm finally home again!
I was sooo incredibly happy when i arrived home last tuesday and i saw my bed! It took me 19 hours to get here so i was extremely tired and i could not stand one more minute on my feet.
The last night i spent in Caracas i had a terrible migrane so i took a pill but i didn't read it contained cafeine!! i fell asleep at 5am and woke up at 7am to buy all the stuff i forgot to buy during my vacations, to get my luggage done ('cause i always leave that for the last minute!) and then recived some visits from my family. I was like a zombie... i didn't think at all, i was in automatic pilot.
My flight was at 7pm and while i was waiting for it i was fighting not to fall asleep. At 5am arrived to Sao Paulo where i had to wait 5 hours! to get my BA flight.
It was AWFUL sleeping on the benches, opening my eyes every 5 minutes to take a look of my handbags and worst of all, trying to understand everything in portuguese when i couldn't even remember my own name! God i was sooo tired! At 2pm i arrived Buenos Aires and i almost hug my taxi driver and begged him to take me home!
I couldn't think in anything else but sleeping!! and i did that till yesterday afternoon and it was sooooooooooo good!
So now im with my batteries on and excited to start working and showing u guys lots of cool and new stuff.

Im definitely going to miss being in my hometown and being spoiled by my family. I'll terribly miss chatting and joking with my mom and dad, hanging out with my sister and playing with Tobias, the dog of the house. And most of all, i'll miss the warm but not sofocating weather!!
Now, i have to prepare myself for the cold while i enjoy the last days of the portenian summer.


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  1. Welcome back!
    I didn't know you lived in Buenos Aires. It seems like such an amazing city, definitely in the Top 5 places I want to visit.
    - Marie