Sunday, July 10


I've heard the mid-life crisis sometimes hits u terribly specially when u realize that your "glory days" had already passed and there is no excitement coming ahead. So, thinking about my early discovered quarter-life crisis, which by the way i'm starting to feel like is not that big deal... i came with this idea of writing a list of 50 things it would be fun to do before i turn 50, making sure i get to that age feeling like a did lots of fun stuff and then not looking like an idiot acting like a child. So... hope u find something cool to do here and encourage u to write your own!

1- Road trip from Florida to California.
2- Have my honey moon in Italy.
3- Take my sister to Vegas on her 21th b-day.
4- Eat a whole tray of cupcakes.
5- Learn French for once sake!
6- Crash into a greek wedding.
7- Go to a club and dance all night with my goofy moves.
8- Go to a Muse concert and sing my heart out all of their songs.

9- Get lost in an unknown city.
10- Run a 10k for a benefic cause

11- Be locked up in a mall for a complete night.

12- Start singing Frank Sinatra's "Im Gonna Live Till I Die" in a subway station.

13- Have a long chat with a hobo.

14- Accept me for who i am
15- Laugh uncontrollably in a very inaproppiate situation.

16- Learn to say NO when its NO
17- Teach a bad word to a parrot.

18- Go to the Opera
19- Hit the beach at night with a incredibly expensive evening gawn and jewels
20- Spent the whole day in the movie teather.

21- Pretend im Holly Golightly one morning and have a breakfast at Tiffany's
22- Learn to play an instrument
23- Celebrate New Year's Eve in Times Square
24- Have a whole day of shopping... from early morning until late at night.

25- Build the house of my dreams.

26- Start a food fight in a fancy restaurant.
27- Get married.

28- Start my own business.
29- Read more.

30- Quit smoking...for real!

31- Own a bungalow in the pacific coast of my beloved Costa Rica.
32- Learn to make sushi.
33- Get involved about a cause: eating disorders, rescued dogs, u name it...

34- Study buddhism
35- Give a good life advice to someone.

36- Make a living from TFI
37- Learn to dance salsa properly
38- Wear an outfit picked in the dark for a whole day
39- Spent a complete day without cursing.
40- Have kids

Overcome my fear of heights.
42- Have a star named after me.
43- Make sure to tell my friends and family how much i love them
Host a big party inspired in the roaring 1920's
45- Stop worrying about stupid things
46- Go to the Taj Mahal
47- Have junkfood for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not having any remorse later
48- Go back to my highschool and attend a class of my math or history teacher.

49- Convince TV makers to include a locator device for the remote control.

50- Learn to enjoy simple things in life.

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  1. I love your list, seems like something I should do myself! Some things from your list are ones I'd like for my own as well. All the best! - Mar