Monday, September 12


Two weeks ago this video made its appereance on the web and everyone went crazy about it. When i first saw it, i was still in shock and kind of overwhelmed after watching Lady Gaga's new stage in the VMA's, so... my only reaction about this by that moment was: "Well... maybe world is actually ending on 2012 after all and this is a clear sign of it".

For me, mixing Lanvin with Pitbull its like mixing... i don't know... chocolate with mayonnaise? they just don't get along!. That song is not very pleasant for me since i hate that kind of music and that particular song is strongly related to some local charater in BA, which it isn't the best of the best.

Then, after watching this video about 20 times i ended up laughing and finding it really funny. The thing is, who wouldn't laugh after watching not only Raquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson goofy dancing moves, but Alber Elbaz making a fool of himself too!?

In my opinion, this video is not only hilarious, it is incredibly smart and clever too. Lanvin got to be in the mouth of everyone just like they did last fall with their collabo with H&M. And plus, they are that great that they dare to play stupid for once and doing it right! Play stupid for once sake and still being Lanvin, one of the greatest fashion houses EVER. Fashion for me, can be fun and ironic sometimes, Lanvin made a clear example of that this season.


  1. Absolutely YES! That song was a huge hit all over Latin America, and yes is goofy and pretty stupid. But Hey! Isn't that life all about? having fun and doing this alright?
    I couldn't stop myself from playing the video. We love fashion and we have to have fun with it. Lanvin is Lanvin and I doubt it's going to change.

    XOX! ND

  2. I agree with you...this video is genius. Some people take themselves so seriously in the fasion industry, it was great to see them act goofy for a change.
    - Marie