Wednesday, February 22


I can't believe i'm back again after so much time away! Feels so weird but good!

For New Year i decided to take some days off and dissapear to rest from crazy 2011. I decided to go to somewhere quiet to spent a week there with two lovely friends, but somehow the simple idea of seven days turned out into almost two months of a great spontaneous trip through the north of Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.
It was beautiful! I got the chance to visit the most incredible places like the Uyuni salt flats, Lake Titicaca, Macchu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, besides of walking through amazing markets in La Paz and crossing the Atacama Desert in Chile on my way back to Buenos Aires. But most important, i got the chance of meeting awesome people, locals and travellers as well, all of them with great stories and big hearts :)
So, now im full of energy again (no, im freaking exhausted actually) and im ready for 2012 and for what it is coming next. For that, i remade my resolutions list after reading the one i did for last year and realized that i did not achieve none of the most relevant things in there, so i made a new one that its easier and if i got to achieve everthything, i would be happiest f-ing person on Earth. 

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