Thursday, April 5


I was having a sh*tty morning yesterday, everything was going wrong and just to think that i wasn't going to this epic concert was making me feel even more miserable. Around midday talked with my friends and decided to meet in the River Plate Stadium  just to check if it was possible to get tickets AND WE DID! It was the last day of the Quilmes Rock festival and two of my favorite bands ever were playing: Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters.
It was incredibly hot during the day and by 5pm the clouds started looking reaaally threatening and we were hoping for some little rain to cool the things down, but we didn't know what was actually coming!. At 7.30 the Arctic Monkeys started playing and people went craaaazy! and so do i when i saw Alex Turner on stage :) At the middle of the show what it was little rain drops became a big massive storm what made the crowd go even more crazier. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g to sing my heart out Flourescent Adolescent and When the Sun Goes Down while pouring rain being soaking wet!

Between the Arctic and Foo, the storm got so wild that people started scaping and taking shelter any place they could. The water was that much that ruined part of the lights and some of the technical equipment was compromised... we were all afraid that to the rest of the show was about to be cancelled, but the Foo Fighters decided to play... and hell they did! for 3 f*cking hours!. It was mindblowing to see the 5 of them playing together aaaaand watching Dave Grohl playing the drums live just 100 mts away from me on a April 4th (some of u will understand that...). I jumped, sang my heart out and held my friends while our favorite songs. At the end my whole body was hurting but i left the stadium with the biggest smile on my face being sure that that night was probably one of the best in my whole existence.

The first quarter of the year just passed and so far its been great! if i could say something about it its "Precious friends+Beautiful moments". Thank u 2012, u've been incredibly good to me! :)

amazing pictures by David Chavez


  1. That sounds pretty amazing! I wish I had been there.
    - Marie

  2. Wow, kucky you to be able to get tickets! Looks like you guys had so much fun and went crazy with the crowd! Lucky you! :) Have a great week!