Monday, May 14


I have written about my mom here a hundred of times before, but it is only because she deserves it and specially since yesterday was Mother's Day. So, this post it's just a dedicatory for her and all great mommies out there.

Thank u so much for being always a friend, the best i will ever have in my life. For being there for me no matter what, to listen when a cry on the other side of the phone, to calm me down when in the verge of a crisis or just to chat with me on fb about boys and stuff. 
Thank u for always being the person that believes in me even when i don't, for reminding me who i am and where i come from. Thank u for giving me the freedom of being whoever the fuck i want and do whatever i please, for teaching me that i should not be ashamed of the things i like or the things i do, for supporting me even in the most insane and reckless ideas i have and for encouraging me to chase the things that makes me happy in life. Thank u for always teaching me to fly away and look for whatever it is outside.
Thank u for having so much patience with me, for being the little light when in feel lost in the dark, for being the little angel against the little devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear the right thing to do when im thinking to do something wrong. Thank u for never ever judge me for my mistakes.
If i had achieved something and im a good person today, it is only because you tought me to be like this.
I guess u finally get this kind of stuff when u grow up and specially being apart, but yes...U ARE MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.
                                                       I LOVE U MOM!

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