Monday, February 25


After spending 7 months in my hometown I got the chance to rediscover my own city after so long being away from it (almost nine years). In my quest I found great new fashion designers, enjoyed the best rock music, (re)visited amazing art places and ate d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s food.


In order: Alejandro Ramirez, Patricia Fumo, Constanza Oquendo, Daniela Panaro - No Pise La Grama


- La Vida Boheme: F*cking powerful band on stage always dressed in clothes with splattered paint, some of their songs had been categorized as "disco-punk-latino" but whatever they play, they are awesome!
- Viniloversus: my favorites from Venezuela, this is an indie rock band that blends style from earlier years (played in vinyl records) with today's upbeat rhythms...and the vocalist is sooo handsome!


In order: La escondida, Iskia. Both with great product as accesories, furniture ande design object.
Other: Aprilis. Beautiful boutique with venezuelan fashion brands.


 In order: 
Suka Bar, great bar with nice electronic music and good drinks
Catar and Mokambo: delicious mediterranean food with colorful cute decoration.
La Praline: first Chocolaterie completely made with 100% venezuelan cocoa.
- Cafe St. Honore: one great reason: Nutella Sfogliatella.
Kakao: other chocolaterie with 100% venezuelan cocoa.


In order: 
- Galeria de Arte Nacional: best of the best of venezuelan plastic arts. Great Cruz Diez (father of op art) master pieces.
- Centro de Arte Los Galpones: beautiful house with galleries exposing international expos of contemporary art, two incredible shops and a library.
- Teatro Teresa CarreƱo: second most important teather in South America after Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. This is a cultural complex where symphonic concerts, opera, ballet and plays are perfomed. It has an extraordinary decoration in its whole architecture with fine pieces of artwork.

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  1. Thanks for your tips... i'm just arriving at Caracas but I will stay here for 3 years!