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Ciclotimia is the name if the new collection of designer Agustina Visentini. She shows the constant inestability of our social context. Sudden changes, deep and violent from fluctuating circumstances. Pure exageration of opposites and contradictions. Mix of textures in shantung, tafeta, italian boucle, chenil and natural silk in diferent colors and prints.

Five lines: Barroque in golden, velvet and brocade; Navy inspired military outfits; College with blazers and pleated skirts; 70's with geometrical prints and polka dots; Color Block mixing some of the 90's and sporty style. A very eclectic mix combining night dresses with knitting, sportwear with leather and biker boots with silk.

The bags goes from classic to barroque. Boots and moccasins with a platform are a must. Coats with edgy mixes as studs, leopard print, fur faux and matelasse. Croco leather with a rocker vintage look.

Refractado- takes fractals in their abstract variations and those found in nature. A certain bohemian spirit wraps a loose silhouette. Overlaying garments. Mixing prints and textures.

 Rino, inspired in images of animales such as rhinoceros, horses and crocodile. These compose the textures, prints and the color pallette. The horns of the rino inspire the designer the create the morphology of the garments.

Denouer takes the musculature as a gear wheel; something that ties, tangles and shapes the human body. Diferent pieces that make a whole and others that emulate the simplicity of the external. Mix in wool, pima cotton, silk and viscose with other sporty materials as patent leather.

 Inspired in a timeless warrior, transforms the silhouette experimenting with the knitting, through the parts that multiplies and find each other. Garments emulating shields, armors with draping and fretwork.

#25 explores structures of straight lines and others with volume. A silhouette from the 70's in a mix with a reinterpretation of the poncho. Leather, wool, cotton, viscose, silk and spandex weaving.

Inspired in the Carnival, from the latin root carne (meat) vale (farewell) presented during the lent. Proposes a sexy and provocative style to satisfy all urges for flesh. It uses leather and lycras in nude color.

Classic shapes in shirts, coats and pants with an accent in the little details, such as mixing colors, textures and prints. The traditional peasley from men ties in a new version for females.

Rebel Street Style proposes a college glam silhouette con a military style reinvented with prints, knittings, chains and studs. Fire Night includes loose pieces with a mmix of textures and details such as spikes, metalwork, transparency and knittings.

10 MUSTS FOR A/W 2013
- Layers/ loose silhouette
- Metallics.
- Transparency.
- Faux Fur.
- Leather!
- red, emerald and cobalt blue.
- earth/nude tones.
- mixing textures and prints.
- Blocking.
- maxiskirts/maxidresses.

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