Sunday, September 26


These photos were taken about two months ago here in BA. We were in some kind of trash dump/abandoned construction were it actually "cartoneros" live. The "cartoneros" are known here as the people who collect cardboards among the trash every night in the city and trade it for some money.
Well, the whole photoshoot was i little akward.. no wait... it was really akward!. The whole place was dirty and smelled like hell, there was no place to sit or work nicely and we all had to sort out to get the work done beside of faking smiles on our faces trying to pretend that everything was just Ok.
There was this lady named Laura, who lives there and is like "the boss of the entire place "who was taking care of us and our things, but the thing is that those people were kind of shady and actually consumed crack or something like that...oh God... I got to say i was a little scared. The worst thing is that we were having topless pics in the middle of that place! The model was very, Very! brave!.
Suddenly this lady Laura appeared all freaked out because the model was showing too much and their children were outside playing in front of our scandalous scene. I was impressed how this woman worried about that when she lives surrounded of people who consume pretty hard drugs. Well, she was trying to be a responsible mom and keep their children away i guess...
At the end of the photoshoot, about 6.30 pm we were running and almost freaking out because it was getting dark and we did not want to be there at night.. no way!!. Then, when we were leaving, this woman told that the place was an old.. oooold brothel, haha...
What an experience, uh?

Ph: Cesar Balcazar.
Styling: Cesar Balcazar & Me.
Makeup&Hair: Mariana Rosselli.
Model: Ayelen Zambon.
Assist: Jaime Ospina & Nicolas Rozo.

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  1. Hey!!!! congratulations, these are really nice photos, and great designs