Sunday, October 3


This work isn't exactly mine. I got to say the whole idea was from a friend of mine who had this final of a photoshoot about a movie. Can u guess what movie is it?.
This friend Mica, talked to me about the idea she had for the shooting and finally a few weeks later we worked on the photos.
The day of the shooting was a little chaotic, it was at her place and we put the whole flat upside down. There were about 12 people working in different stuff and it took several hours (maybe 6 or 7 hours) to get the work done. I helped her out doing the hairdo of the model, putting up the scenery and choosing the whole outfits.
Hope u like it ;)

Ph: Fernando Servente.
Styling: Mica R., Silvina E. & Me.
Model: Javiera.
Assist: Jaime Ospina.

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