Tuesday, November 8


Alina Baikova by Nicole Bentley
Vogue Australia November 2011

I'm almost a month away from my oh-so awaited, beloved and deserved summer vacations. Im literally daydreaming about all the things i want to do during my break in my hometown and counting down the days until my crappy/boring semester in college finally ends.

These are the things i'll be up to:

- Going to the beach!... i NEED an overdose of the Caribbean
- Drinking beer + watching baseball games
- Eating tons of tropical fruits
- Laying on the grass of my backyard doing absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g
- Playing with my dog
- Having a homespa days with my sister doing our nails and brushing our hair
- Having barbecue parties with my cousins + sister
- Pampering my beautiful niece
- Getting a decent tan
- Reading books with non-educational purpouses...probably The Southern Vampire Stories.
- Buying thousands of cool fabrics for self-designed clothes
- Being pampered by all of my family members :)


  1. such a pretty and colorful editorial!

  2. Thank you so much Caro for your kind words!! They almost brought a tear to my eyes. :) You are the sweetest girl on the blogosphere. Thank you for genuinely caring about me. Your list of things to do to enjoy myself is fantastic. I will follow your directives carefully. :) I've met a lot of fabulous people while blogging but you are one of the few that I would actually like to have tea with! I'm sure we would have a blast!

    The summer editorial that you posted is beautiful. I wished that I didn't live in a country where the winter was so long. About your school, hang in there! I know that it's always the last mile that is the hardest. Good luck with your exams.
    - Marie