Wednesday, November 23


If I ever liked Florence Welch's from Florence + The Machine style before, now with her second album I could say im completely mesmerized!. Even though i'm not liking this new album as much as i loved the first one, since i think is now more "The Machine" than Florence herself, i would say this is my favorite styling/image from her.

Ever since I saw the "Shake it out" video early October, with her wearing that golden dress I had this impression of a modern day Botticelli's Venus; very femenine with the red wavy hair But if I had any doubt of it, I confirmed it when I saw the Chanel spring 2012 runway, when she was singing "What the water gave me" and coming out of a giant shell just like Sandro Botticelli's painting "Birth of Venus". I was a-ma-zed!.

 Left: Chanel spring 2012 runway. Right: on Later Live with Jools Holland.

I am freaking loving every single thing she's wearing right now, either on a live presentation or in her videos.  Beautiful embellished goddess like dresses with a kind of a Art Deco inspiration, but yet so modern and edgy!

on Saturday Night Live 

Check the other videos!: At Chanel's spring 2012 runway 
                                     At Later Live with Jools Holland

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