Sunday, August 28


What would have happened if somebody said that Mona Lisa was so ugly that could not be considered a piece of art? What would have happened then with every detail on that paint, color softness, light handling and that awkward smile of a woman/man/whatever-I-don't-know-what?

What occurs when you see a Gareth Pugh piece and you just find it plain horrible? Do you realize how horrible it is to insult the work of not one, but up to 7 artists, who worked hundreds of hours to make such a marvelous piece that is mostlikely impossible to wear it?, Yes!, not all creations are made by designers to be sold. Some of them are made just because and for delight of those who can actually connect with this new piece of textile manipulation and craftsmanship.

May not Gareth Pugh be a Grand Couturier, he is a very talented designer, young and sort of sexy but-bot-too-much, which attracts customers absolutely different from normal houses. Should not forget that the whole world is moved by retail, classified as the standard but without that much development of new techniques or garments made without a pattern; Not the same as Couture which is way different than that, is shows exceptional mastercraftsmanship without being that extravagant in a “simple” dress made by 7 people in over 2500 hours…

Many people is scared, seriously scared of fashion, what happens, enven the fear exceeds to the point of not understanding the simplicity of one of the easiest houses to understand, which is CHANEL. Let’s see… black, white, camellias, N5, tweet y little black dress. Is really that hard to understand it? Seems like only when you are not so superficial to know yourself. (reference to Oscar Wilde)

I’m not trying to change anyone, I’m just telling some people that your comments about our passions are not welcome sometimes. And if you want to call me superficial; Mon Plaisir. I have no problem hiding that I can love so much my bags than someone else…

Nayith Diaz

Director at CRCMODA Magazine

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