Tuesday, August 2


Av. 9 de Julio and Obelisco

I want to dedicate this post and many more to come to this city, Buenos Aires. I've been living here for over 4 years and a half and i realized now that this is actually an exci
ting place to show you.

Puerto Madero

Most of the coolest fashion bloggers we know l
ive in the most chic and important cities of the world, such as Milan or Paris... but what happen to all of us who live in other places that can be as fun and interesting as those cities?. Sometimes, living in a whole another geografical spot from those who are well known is the best way to find opportunities, don't you think? I think that in these days, there is actually no place in the world that could be boring...almost every place can be fashionable if u just find the right spots and the right host.

I was born and raised in Caracas, when i was 18 i left my hometown and moved to Costa Rica and then when i was about to turn 21 i decided to live here in BA. Now, having a while here and talking to friends in this same situation as mine (foreign students) i discovered that we are totally a different group in this city... we have been living here too long to refer to ourselves as tourists but noo that long that be locals. What the hell are we!? we've been here just the needed time to complain like portenios and not to enjoy the city as curious travellers. We know Buenos Aires like the palm of our hands but still, we are like outsiders.

This is actually an amazing chance to show you this city with such an objective point of view. I need to rediscover and fall in love with BA once again, since routine is talking place in my life. I dont want to become a grumpy citizen as Collin Farrell in that hilarious movie "In Bruges" but yet, i don't to be that kind of insanely happy tourist. I just need to enjoy and appreciate the city that i live in!

Four years has been well enough to feel like i've been somehow influenced by portenian culture and since this blog is about my personal style, i think it is completely reasonable if i start sharing much more than outfit posts and trends reports. Style is more than clothes... is about people and places too... and Buenos Aires has millions of these.

Hope u join and discover with me the cool side of this city!


Quiero dedicar este post y muchos otros que vendran mas adelante a esta ciudad, Buenos Aires. He vivido aqui por casi cuatro años y medio y me he dado cuenta cuan emocionante puede ser mostrarles este lugar.

La mayoria de los fashion bloggers mas cool que conocemos viven en las ciudades mas chic e importante en el mundo, como en Milan o Paris... pero que pasa con todo nosotros que vivimos en otros lugares que pueden llegar a ser tan divertidos e interesantes como estos otros?. A veces vivir en otro punto geografico es la mejor manera de encontrar oportunidades. Pienso que definitivamente actualmente, no existen ninguna ciudad que pueda ser realmente aburrida... solo debes encontrar los lugares y el anfitrion indicado para hacerlo interesante.

Naci y creci en Caracas, a los 18 me mude a Costa Rica y cuando estaba por cumplir los 21 decidi mudarme a Buenos Aires. Ahora, hablando con amigos que se encuentran en la misma situacion que la mia (estudiantes extranjeros) descubri que somos una especie totalmente distinta en esta ciudad... hemos vivido aqui demasiado tiempo como para sentirnos turistas pero muy poco para ser locales. Que demonios somos!? hemos estado aqui el timepo necesario para quejarnos como porteños y no poder disfrutar como un viajero curioso. Conocemos esta ciudad como la palma de nuestra mano, pero aun asi somos foraneos.

Esto en realidad, es un chance increible para poder mostrarles esta ciudad con un punto de vista suficientemente objetivo. Necesito redescubrir y encantarme de Buenos Aires de nuevo desde que la rutina del dia a dia esta tomando control en mi vida. No quiero ser como Collin Farrell en "Perdidos en Brujas" pero tampoco me interesa ser como el tipico turista enferma y absurdamente feliz. Simplemente necesito disfrutar y apreciar la ciudad en la que vivo!

Cuatro años han sido suficientes para sentir que he sido de alguna manera u otra influenciada por la cultura porteña y ya que este blog es sobre estilo personal, considero que es completamente razonable empiezo a compartir aqui mucho mas que outfits y notas de tendencias. El estilo es mucho mas que ropa... es gente y lugares tambien... y Buenos Aires tiene millones de estos.

Espero que se unan y descubran conmigo el lado mas cool de esta ciudad!


  1. These pictures are amazing; Buenos Aires looks so pretty, I actually would love to love there! Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  2. The photos are so nice, you captured the beauty of your city so well. I want to visit Buenos Aires someday, I heard a lot of nice things about the city. :) Food and places to visit.

    And I agree with you about sharing places and people once in a while. Have fun rediscovering your city and I'm looking forward seeing BA posts here. :)