Saturday, December 18


The Pop-Up shop in LA
Sterling Silver Tron Icon Charm Bracelet by Rotenier
Black Rodhium Bike Cufflinks by Rotenier
Sterling Silver Tron Icon Cufflinks by Rotenier
Derez Earring by TomTom Jewelry

Disc Warrior Necklace by TomTom Jewelry
Gride Scape Ring by TomTom Jewelry
Light Runner Cuff Bracelet by TomTom Jewelry

Legacy Necklace by TomTom Jewelry
High Heeled Platform Sandal Quorra inspired by Jerome C. Rousseau
SuperUser Leather Cuff Bracelet by Hayden-Harnett
Master Control Leather Cuff Bracelet by Hayden-Harnett

Quorra Crossbody Handbag by Hayden-Harnett
Castor Clutch by Hayden-Harnett

Byte Carryall by Hayden-Harnett

Last night my boyfriend took me to the movies to watch TRON LEGACY in 3D so now im obssesed.There are not enought words to explain how much i loved this movie and how impressive it is.
These items are from the Disney's TRON LECAGY Couture Collection with the collaboration of high-end fashion designers like Rotenier, Jerome C. Rousseau, TomTom and Hayden-Harnett.
Im loving the Gride Scape ring from TomTom and the Byte Carryall from Hayden-Harnett!

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  1. It is so interesting to see how the movie translated into these fabulous pieces! I adore the shoes and the handbags.