Wednesday, December 8


Since i've been living in BA for almost four years and now im feeling more like a local more than an outsider i decided to show u guys the cool stuff this place has to offer about fashion.
For this very first post i decided to show u the work of a great shoe designer: Lucila Iotti.
I remember when i saw these incredible shoes about three years ago when i was returning home from a dinner and i walked by her boutique at Malabia 2212 in Palermo. It was dark and i still stoped and stood in front of the sideboard delighted by the intense and vibrant colors these shoes had that even in the dark catched my eye. It was love at first sight. Really. From that day i promised myself that someday soon i would have them on my hands. So, last month i got to work with them on a photoshoot and now i had the opportunitty of writing this post for my blog and shooting some photos in the boutique. Now, the only thing that's left for me is having a colorful pair of those shoes on my feet!
Guys, u really need to go to her site and check the awesome things she has and read her bio! Click here and know more about Lucila Iotti.

All photos by David Chavez, click here to take a look of his portfolio.

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