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indian Summer
Gemma Ward by Patrick Demarchelier

Vogue UK October 2007

I wanted to share with u some of the crazy superstitions we have in my country and some other places in Latin America for New Year.
1. Eating 12 grapes at the moment the bells rings 12 o'clock. Each grape represents a month and one wish.
2. Throwing rice grains at 12 o'clock. That means abundance.
3. Eating 12 spoonfuls of lentils. Each one represents one wish.
4. Throwing a bucket of water out of your house. That means throwing all the bad stuff from last year.
5. Wearing yellow underwear. Brings u good luck!. Pink in Argentina, red in Spain.
6. Running like crazy with tons of luggage. That means u will get to travel in the year. The more luggage u have and the far u run, the greatest will be your trips. (This is the one i always do haha.)
7. Having dollars, euros and your local currency in your shoes at 12 o'clock. That means u will have a lot of money in the year.
8. Light candles. Blue means peace, yellow abundance, red means passion, green means healthy, white brightness and orange cleverness.
9. Wearing a gold ring or put it on your champagne glass. That means prosperity.
10. Burning a doll made of old clothes. It represent the last year and all the bad stuff in it.
11. Using your underwear backwards. That will bring u a lot of new clothes next year!
12. Climbing up on a chair 12 times. That will make u find a boyfriend/girlfriend next year.
13. Being under a table at 12 o'clock. That means u'll get married the next year.

Do u have any superstition or tradicion for New Year?

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