Wednesday, November 17


Jessica Stam & Heidi Mount By Peter Lindberg
Harper's Bazaar US April 2010

I know this editorial its kinda old, but there's a good reason why i decided to post it.

Beside of the beautiful white clothes Jessica and Heidi are wearing, that i'd totally love to have specially now that its spring time here. The reason im posting this is because of those four-legged models hihi...
I LOVE dogs, loooooove dogs! and dalmatians are my favorite breed and i've been wanting a little puppy for years.
So, in the building i live it's forbidden to have any kind of pets so its impossible for me to have one right one. That's why there is no dalmatian on my Santa's list this year.But wouldn't it be awesome to have a cute little pal like one of those in the pictures and take walks in the park with fabulous matching looks?.

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