Monday, November 1


I found very funny the whole idea of Halloween... the excitement of choosing a costume, the surprise when u finally see your friends all dressed up and of course the fact of having a party.
I was trying to organize a good plan for Halloween night since October came up but at the end I had nothing. Even though, this year was totally diferent of what i was expecting from this event. Since a had to work on Halloween day, I went to bed early on saturday night and spent all sunday shooting photos.
At the end of the photoshoot, we were so tired that we couldn even get our things and go home, so we decide to have a little Halloween bash there. We had some jazz music, ordered pizza and then smoked narguile while chitchatting on the floor.
We had a blast on Halloween day. This "non-planned plan" for the night was incredibly fun and was the best clousure of a hard working day!