Thursday, November 25


Today as many of u know (and celebrate) is Thanksgiving day. Here in Argentina people don't celebrate this date and even less in Venezuela, where i come from. But i've always love this special day and with my family, time ago, we used to have a little celebration near this date.
I know that u have to be thankful for everything u have every single day of your life, but i found it lovely to have a date in the calendar when u can officially say THANKS.
So, i just wanted to wish u guys a great Turkey Day, have a delicious dinner with your loved ones and enjoy your Black Friday tomorrow.
And most of all, i wanted to officially say THANKS for everything that happened in my life these past years. For everything that i have. My carreer and my dreams. My family, my boyfriend and my friends that really make me feel lucky...
...And THANK U, my readers, for reading my crazy thoughts daily!

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