Saturday, January 15


Ranya Mordanova by KT Auleta
Vogue Russia June 2010

Hey guys!
So, im finally in Caracas after a long, LONG flight. I arrived yesterday night, after 14 hours on a plane and i was completelly exhausted!
I leave at 5am from Buenos Aires and then stopped in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Manaus before finally getting to Caracas at 7pm. I tried to sleep during the flight but it was very incomfortable and now i have a terrible pain in my back and neck... auch!
Hope ur doing well. Now my family is spoiling me, eating all the food i missed and enjoying a great springy weather.
Ill be here about a month so i think u are probably going to have a lack of The Fashion Imaginarium updates because i´ll be trying to enjoy my loved ones as much as i can. I´ll do my best letting u know about me everytime i can!

Tons of Love!


  1. Carooo hope you are having a good time. Miss you girl!!! Eat as much arepas as you can. I'm loving Miami!!! but right now I'm in Orlando... Hope to see you soon racoon. Muack!