Saturday, January 1


Viper's Command
Ph: Gaston Perello
Styling: Anita Noseda
Makeup: Julia Dalila for Jazmin Calcarami Studio
Hair: Johny Dean
Model: Romina Senesi for Pink Models Management.

Hey guys! how's 2011 treating u?
I hope u had a great time last night and now u are feeling full of energy to start this new year! :D
So, this is the very first post im doing in 2011 and i thought it would be great if i share with u my new year's resolutions.
I know sometimes it is hard to do everything u planned for the year. So maybe sharing it i could commit better , dont u think?.
- First of all... keeping my sporty spirit and try to run a marathon next spring.
- cutting the bad words... my "french" have been getting "fancier" these last years and its not very lady-like this vocabulary.
- Work! work! work! and finish my career!
- Work on my personal style and maybe sharing some pics of my looks with u guys.
No matter what your resolutions are... don't forget to enjoy and smile all the time.

Last but not least, im sharing these pics of a great photographer, Gaston Perello. I hope u are knowing a little better all the awesome stuff about fashion its going on here in Argentina!

Lost of love! <3>

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