Sunday, October 16


If there was a special day during this week that kept me all excited and expecting, was definitely this one!. The day 4 on the BAFWEEK's program sounded really promising.

The day started really early in the morning, since the runway was starting at midday in the Palacio Paz at the Circulo Militar, only by special invitation for press and A.Y. Not Dead's guests.

By the time we arrrived, we were invited to gather all together in a beautiful room next to the one  the runway was taking place. We were pampered with some Beefeater's gin cocktails with lemon,/orange/grapefruit juice, which ended up being a very powerful alternative for my usual "black coffee+grapefruit" breakfast. Meanwhile, between cocktails and chats, people started arriving and that room turned out to be a little small for all of us and so our patience, since the show wasn't starting in time. By 12.30, that place was extremelly crowded and we all were kind of fed up and upset 'cause of the treat received by the staff people.

When they let us access to the room, we had an unpleasant surprise when we realized that we (press) would not have any seats for us so we had to pile up by the sides of the catwalk and the special guests; who had the luck of having the best seats and a perfect sight during the whole runway, which i found quite pointless since they did not have to capture every detail of the collection and then write about it. So, because of my 1.55 mts it was practically impossible for me to enjoy the runway i was most excited about and not even with my 12cm heels -even though i had a sprained ankle- i got to see nothing more than a sea of shoulders and a few details of the collection and the incredible hairdo the models had, which consisted on a very slicked down and tight ponytail that raise up above the head and fell down to the forehead.
After i slipped out between people and stand on tiptoes, i could watch the most colorful of all catwalks. This one was made of panels of  multicolor lights that went on and off. 

This collection, called "The Young Gods" took the idea of the youth as an all-mighty force. It was strongly inspired by the subcultures of punks and teddyboys, but in this occasion being illuminated by summer, going from dark to luminous and sophisticated garments after going under a mistic halo and a divine light.

Denim, was a constant in this collection, just like previous ones, but this time showing pieces like jackets, shirts, shorts and jeans with a washed and distressed effect. The oversized tops with provocative - and other very explicits- messages made their presence and so the buttoned-up sheer blouses with details on the collars. The white and the silver were the most powerful colors, along with the black, another color that defines this label with a strong rocker spirit. Others were the hot pink and the red combined with leopard and snake prints and all kind of stripes in materials such as leather, silk, cotton and nets, decorated with metallic studs and stones.

 The footwear, as it could be expected by this trendy label, was the oh-so-famous flatforms in silver laced up and with details of jute on the pink sole and other with studs. I dont know if it was because this is my favorite label or because they were actually pretty, but i just loooooved this shoes and they looked quite awesome specially in combination with those garments.


 The best clousure for this show was given with the appearance of a bride outfit, in this case by the model Naomi Preizler along with the groom, model Santiago Figueras, both dressed in a very rocker version, quite accurate and true to the spirit of A.Y. Not Dead.

Photos by: David Chavez and Jaime Ospina


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