Thursday, October 6


I can't believe i've been on the blogosphere for a year now! and Oh Yes! it's been one hell of a year!

I remember when i started TFI i was very disheartened and a bit sad. U all know how tough is the fashion business everywhere and i just couldn't find a way to show who i am and what i do. I felt like no one was giving me a chance, so that was when i decided to start something by my own and not waiting and depending on someone else's desicions. 

I believed on creating a little place for myself where i could show my work, but then i gave it a try on sharing my thoughts, preferences and somehow my personality in this blog. Day by day it became an extension of me... and i've been puting my heart and soul to this, which turned out to be my most precious project, the one i truly believe in.

I look back a year ago, when i started it and i didn't know a thing about blogging. I learned it all as i was going along... it was all testing, giving a try and daring to do stuff. 

I could say now, TFI has been one of my biggest achievements. With this i actually can say i started my carreer as a - stylist?, writer?- I feel like my voice is somehow being heard... i can't believe what i found on my way becoming a Fashion Blogger: meeting awesome people all around the world, great opportunities like assisting to fashion week and of course, the satisfaction of knowing what u do is worth it :)

Thank u, thank u, thank u!

Tons of Love!
Caro P.

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