Monday, October 10


 Sheer blouse: Love Stitch, Jacuard skirt: Me, Stockings: Silvana,  Shoes: Aldo, Chain necklace: Dayaday, Quartz and bracelets: Vintage, Ring: present from my sister.

Wow! feels good to be back!

After few weeks being away from everything, I'm returning with tons of energy for TFI's 1st Birthday, so i'm expecting October to be a month full of celebration.

Nothing feels greater than celebrating a year of sharing with everyone just the way i am. As simple as that, celebrate i have a place where i feel free to be myself and do what i love.

That is why a year ago i decided to name this blog The Fashion Imaginarium. It happens to be MY Fashion Imaginarium, this is an extension of myself and what is going on in my head.

This is what i love the most about having now TFI, feeling confident enought in my own skin to do what i really want to do and not what others wants me to do.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Tons of love
Caro P.


  1. An all-black outfit looks soooo good on you!! Very sexy and feminine and it looks perfect with your black hair.
    I would love to see more of your shoes... They look amazing!
    - Marie

    PS I don't remember if I wished you a happy blog anniversary... If I didn't, sorry for the delay and congratulations to you!
    - Marie

  2. was here..please visit my blog and support back