Monday, June 17


{Rottweiler Tshirt: Givenchy via Charmholic, Pleated Skirt: me, Heels: a.p.c., Choker: bought in artisan market in La Paz}

Once again im wearing a piece thanks to Charmholic, this time a really cool Givenchy t-shirt which have been highly exposed on streetstyle blogs with this signature Rottweiler. In contrast, i'm having a guest in this post, my little kid Chicharron (yes, it means sth like "deep fried pork"). He is a sweet and playful 5 months rescued puppy which I adopted with my friends.
I took these pics about two weeks ago when it was still warm, but now it seems like cold weather finally arrived to stay in the city and i'm having the worst cold eveerrr. Im already daydreaming of a hot summer soon ♥

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