Thursday, June 13


{Clase Turista Collection A/W2013}

This is another great argentinean fashion designer u should check out: Vanesa Krongold.
She had her formation as a fashion designer and stylist at Palermo University, as many others that are rising in the local scene in this city.
Experimenting in various visual disciplines from photography to textile printing she has found in this last one a way to capture present times through images. This is what makes VK so unique and makes her differenciate from others. Her explosion of bright colors and crazy print mixing represent the playful spirit invading this new generation of artists and gives her a signature of a certain rebel and sporty yet stylish attitude.
Any texture and color can be mixed and matched with anything else and still look great and innovating. This is what she proposes, nonesense to break the rules and achieve a new  look.

U can find VK pieces in at: 
Buenos Aires: KABINETT , Gurruchaga 1744 / PANORAMA , Rep├║blica de la India 2905
FIRE WALK WITH ME , Arce 941U.K.: No-One Shop, 1 Kingsland Road, E2 8AA, London.
U.S.: The Kult, 167 NW 25th St., Miami, Florida.

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