Wednesday, May 25


1. Burberry Prorsum leather sleeved trench coat, 2. Michael Kors Hamilton large tote bag, 3. Forzieri glooves, 4. Stine Goya creek hat, 5. Alaia lace-up ankle boots, 6. Juicy Couture silk scarf.


That is all i can practicly say (and sing) in my head everytime i just dare to go out, specially at night! It seems like there is no going back to warm days now, cold has arrived to stay!
Two days ago i had the wake up very early to do some errands and God! it was so hard for me to get dressed and finally go out to the street. The day was cold, foggy and the clouds looked threatening... in the middle of my "busy" day it started rainning. Crap... that was all i could say.
I washaking because i was freezing cold and then started begging my feet not to get all wet, otherwise i would ended up with a cold.
I'd better start to get used to the idea there will be no warmer days until September and start working on cold weather outfits... specially for rainy days!


Esto es practicamente todo lo que puedo decir (y cantar) en mi cabeza cada vez que me atrevo a salir, especialmente en la noche. Parece que no hay vuelta atras a dias mas calidos y que el frio en verdad ha llegado para quedarse!
Hace dos dias tuve que despertarme muy temprano para salir a hacer algunas diligencias y Diooos! fue tan dificil pararme para vestirme y salir a la calle. El dia estaba frio y nublado, con las nubes super amenazantes... y a la mitad de mi tan "ocupado" dia empezo a llover. Mierd... eso fue todo lo que pude decir.
Estaba temblando del frio y rogando que los pies no se me mojaran, de otra manera hubiese terminado con un resfrio terrible.
Creo que es mejor que me haga la idea que no habran mas dias calidos hasta Septiembre y empezar a trabajar en outfits para el frio, especialmente para dias lluviosos!

Lots of Love!
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  1. it's been raining here endlessly too, storms left and right. love the #5's though! :)

    ps. im having a satchel clutch giveaway you might wanna check out :)

  2. Just remember to get through winter like an onion. With layers, and layers of clothing... Which can be fun also!
    Enjoy the ups and down in life. Remember it is just a phase: the layering stage. And when summer arrives, fall in love with the new collections and the lightness of spring...

    Xoxo du chocolat!