Tuesday, May 10


Have u seen this crazy trend on nails? have u already start using them like this? Do u love it or do u hate it?

I've been watching this trend for over a year. It first started silently and then it got bigger and bigger month by month. All i can see now is this Snooki-like manicure on women on fashion magazines.

Im no beauty expert, im just a girl who has
a weird obsession with nail polish and love to have her hands always nice and clean... and i admit it, the first time i saw this is was completely freaked out!... no wait, im still freaked out everytime i see this on fashion editorials... aaahhh!

I use to embrace and love new trends, but this...uhmm no no, i don't think it is for me! I love to have my nails always short and clean. I can imagine living my life with long nails... i mean this things look like a very dangerous weapon attached to your finger tips, dont u think? Well... i guess that is why t
hey are called "Dagger Nails"!

Watch Rihanna's nails here!


  1. Hola guapa! muchas gracias por tus palabras... me ha hecho ilusión tú mensaje... pos supuesto, encantada de que sigamos en contacto, te sigo desde ya...


  2. Como me gustan esas uñas, pero creo que no me durarian un segundo!!! EStas guapisima con el mono en el post anterior un besoooo desde SEVILLA.Spain. muaaa

  3. ewww, they look so trashy. besides, im always crafting so nails that long would just get in the way :)

  4. Yo es que me las muerdo.. jajaja. Pero no sé, a mi me gustan cortas, redondeadas y en colores básicos. Un beso!

  5. I really don't like this trend. I think that the longer the nails, the cheaper it looks. The 2nd picture is okay but not longer than that.
    - Marie
    PS Thank you so much for your recommendation of The Classic Ten from Nancy McDonell Smith. I just added it to my wishlist on Amazon! It sounds really interesting!