Saturday, May 7


Jumpsuit- Me, Necklace- Local Market, Shoes- Aldo, Ring- Isadora

Pretty cold week we have had around here... all of a sudden we woke up with 3C degrees in the morning and for this girl from the Caribbean its been like a torture specially getting up in the morning to go to classes! Thank God we still have some warm springy temperatures in the afternoon. And that makes me think... what the hell im a gonna do with the outfits photos when winter arrives!?

This jumpsuit is one of my beloved treasures in my closet. This is one of those pieces u love so bad that u don't even wear it. Yeah... i wore this for the very first time when i took this pics, can u believe it? I made this beauty past summer with my tailor... i designed it two summers ago but somehow, with timming issues we could not made it, so i had to wait a year to have it in my hands.

Talking about this jumpsuit reminded me another thing... In class we were talking about the whole customized products opportunities we are having these days and we ended up arguing about D.I.Y.'s and designing our own clothes and having them sewn by a seamtress or tailor. I'm really reaaally into this, are u guys into this too?

Lots of Love

All Pics taken by Hidemi


  1. loove the jumpsuit and the pics!!!! yo quierooo uno!!!

  2. you look gorgeous! tres chic! you know me, im all about diy's :)

  3. wow! that necklace is amazing!! you look absolutely stunning :)

  4. The pictures are really beautiful. You have such a beautiful smile. I love the jumpsuit and the red lips/nails. Very chic! And what about the necklace! Sooo pretty.
    - Marie

  5. Fabulous outfit and beautiful pictures!