Tuesday, December 18


A few months ago when I came to my hometown I didn't know very much about what was going on with fashion here, but after a short time I started discovering more and more of this new generation of great young designers that are giving a fresh and quite modern twist to fashion in this country.

Couple of weeks ago got the first glimpse when I was in Aprilis store (3rd av. 1st trans, Los Palos Grandes, Ccs) in a beautiful event and had the chance to meet designer Alejandro Ramirez. While i was checking out some incredible pieces he kindly approched me and introduced himself and started talking about his two new collections and about his work in general.

This talented man studied in Caracas, Barcelona and Milan and knows, KNOWS! how to work with rich fabrics and how to make them look right on women's body. Absolutely all his garments have perfect tailoring and suit amazingly giving the lucky woman who wear his pieces an exalted feeling of femininity, almost like a femme fatale. 

Last saturday I stopped by his showroom where u can actually breath his universe and checked his latest collection - THE BLACK COLLECTION- which consist on coctail, pret-a-porter.. or maybe more like demi-couture pieces, peeerrrrrfect for this holidays or just any other occasion to delight everyone in a killer party. After checking this and realizing how creative you can be with only one color and how great u can look, u'll probably say as well that u'll stop wearing black when someone invent a darker color.

Check out more about Alejandro Ramirez here

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