Saturday, December 29

BYE BYE 2012

Bye Bye 2012! You´ve been a wonderful year!

Last year on New Year's Eve I promised myself 2012 would be ass-kicking no matter what.
I got to accomplish every single thing on my list of resolutions: MORE TRIPS, MORE CONCERTS, MORE PARTIES, MORE LAUGHTER, MORE FRIENDS, MORE LOVE, MORE FUN AND LESS WORRYING. Actually, I dont know if I've been emotionally constipated or something, but I just stopped giving a sh*t about certain stuff and learned to worry less and enjoy moments, the simple things in life.
So, Cheers for all the beautiful new friends I made and for the old ones that stayed to share with me. Cheers for all the good times laughing and partying and for the hard times working my ass off as well. Cheers for reuniting with my family and friends from childhood. Cheers for the new places I´ve been. CHEERS FOR NEW STATE I AM NOW ♥

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