Sunday, March 20


Girl on Fire - L'etat Second Mag
by Victoria Leites

How cool is this shooting!? i fell in love with it in the moment i first saw it!
This work is from Victoria Leites, another amazing photographer from Buenos Aires and trust when i say u should know about her (click here to see her portfolio).

Im soo happy that TFI and me were recommended by CRC Moda. This is the first time, in my early 7th month as a blogger that some publication mention me. I feel really honored, first of all, because this magazine is from Costa Rica. I lived there for over 2 years and i still have a piece of this land in my heart. Second, because they have the best and most readable articles online! If u speak spanish u should totally check it out!

For all those who live in the North Hemisphere... happy first day of spring! and those in the South... Happy first day of Autumn!

Tons of Love


  1. wow! congratulations! love this, they accurately capatured edie sedgwick. factory girl is one of my most favorite movies :)

  2. so beautiful!!! love this!! congrats on being on crc moda! :)

  3. That happens when passion is the most important thing. I like this place a lot! I feel comfortable and not out of place. I must admit I'm not a great blogger, but I'm Doing my best.


  4. these photos are gorgeous! I love them all :)