Sunday, March 13


by Conan Thai

I just found this amazing photographer in Ben Trovato, Conan Thai and im loving every single picture he has made.
After having a really hot friday, yesterday afternoon started raining like hell and then the temperature dropped drasticly and got chilly around here, so this shooting caught my eye 'cause i've been longing to be in my hometown having a nice warm weather and spending the whole day laying on the grass in my house backyard.

This weekend was amazingly lazy, all i did was wearing my first sweater of the year (haha) and having a crappy/fun night with some friends and my boyfriend.

On saturday night we had dinner in a mexican restaurant near my house that recently opened and it sucked reeaaally bad. It was probably one of the crappiest meals i've ever had in my life. Then we decided to have some beers and we ended up in the crappiest bar in BA. Trying to save the night we decided to go to the movies and the boys chose one with aliens invading an important city in the west coast of the US (i won't say the name, but can u guess it?). It was starring by some guy that in another movie had a terrible accident on his face and has a terrible relationship with some dude that has some serious daddy issues and thinks he's a bat(man) and theeen! in the middle of the movie, when i thought that it couldn't get any worse appeared a girl who in another movie use to drive reeeally fast... God! it was a torture!.
But somehow, i could not stop laughing the whole night, i had the best company, my friends and my boyfriend :).

What did u do in your weekend?

lots of love!


  1. lovely dresses pics and color on them!! so cool your blog! im following!

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  2. this is making me want summer so bad :P

  3. i love the 3rd photo! so pretty. btw, i thought you should know, been trying to add you to my bloglist several times already these past 2 weeks but your adress refuses to get "added" and saved. :(

  4. boo hoo! i don't know what's wrong with it! i'll check it and then let u know!
    thanks for telling me.

  5. Love the 3rd and 1st photos, they are so gorgeous and I can see why they're inspirational for you!