Thursday, March 24


Delfine Bafort by Paul Maffi
V Spain

I've been so busy these past days and i totally abandoned TFI! School its getting "high-speed mode" now so i had my first projects this week and beside... i'm working on a AWESOME photoshoot for this Saturday and im soooooo excited about it!

So, yesterday i had my first autumn experience of the year! and it wasn't bad at all... i woke up and it was raining like hell and never stopped until 6pm. It was 15C degrees so i had the chance to wear my booties, my leather jacket and a scarf for school. It was cool! somehow i felt great being all dressed up :) well... my feet were aching at 6pm and all i wanted to do was to lay in the bed i have a nice dose of "The Pacific" and then sleep!

Lots of Love

PS- I'll be giving u more news about the shooting soon! :D

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  1. can't wait to see the shoot! love the jacket in the last photo! :)