Monday, March 28


I must admit that im not a biiig fan of makeup like some other girls. I have a very simple makeup rutine and i just change it a little bit, with subtle details when i have an special ocasion.

I hate being all painted with foundation, concealer, compact powder, blush and blah blah blah.... is too much for me and my skin! then i feel like my pores cant breathe right! Anyway... of course i love some special articles in makeup. As i've said before, im a nail polish freak and i love lipsticks.

Of course... i do understand how powerful makeup can be for women. Sometimes it means like a salvation for a bad day. A red lipstick, a plum blush or a black eyeliner is a girl's best friend and a hero too!

Well, MAC has a super powered spring collection inspired by Wonder Woman so u can actually feel u carry something as cool as a lighting bolt in your makeup bag!

Im loving the Spirit of Truth (blue) lacquer, the Rusian Red and the Spitfire lipstick and the utility gold belt with the brush set! Hope they're on sale in MAC Argentina!

Check the whole collection here!

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  1. i love this! i find the packaging super cute and mac is mac :)