Sunday, March 27


I've been watching this photo of Elisa Nalin in tons of street style web pages for about a month now and there is something about this look that i just love!

Is not the pleated skirt or the heels, not even the cool haircut. No, is this creazy red+lavender combination that totally catched my eye.

As i told u in a few posts ago, my mom teached me since a was a little girl that red+pink or red+purple was a hideous combination and i must never used them together. So I grew up doing what she told me but then this picture appeared making me feel rebellious.

Why my mother told me that if it looks so cool!?

Now i can't wait to match my pink and red clothes and even my makeup and show it to her haha... I may even convince her that it looks great!


  1. hahaha, i agree! it's purrrty! :)

  2. ohmygosh that skirt is amazing!