Thursday, March 31


I bet most of u have seen this movie at least one time. Yes? No?

For those who haven't seen it, its The Party, a 1968 movie directed by Blake Edwards and starring Peter Sellers.

This is probably the most hilarious movie i've ever seen in my life (of course, it's a Peter Sellers movie) and beside that, the whole art direction and the styling is amazing!.

Well, while watching the latest editorials in the pasts months i kept reminding this movie because of the 60's and 70's revival we've been experiencing this year.

The color palette, the silouettes, the prints, the textures on the women's dresses are so unbelievably beautiful and so wearable for today. And the house... OMG, is my dream house, i'd live there happily without any complain!

PS- sorry about the crappy quality of the movie stills... c'mon it's a 43 year old movie!


  1. nice post :)

  2. OMG the orange jumpsuit!! Can you picture any guy wearing this now? :)))
    - Marie