Monday, April 4


Blazer-me, Jumpsuit- apocs, Hat- from a local market, Necklace- Dayaday,
Shoes- Dollhouse, Rings- TodoModa.

Hi everyone! this is my very first look im posting after 6 months of blogging and i just realized that we have not been introduced properly...

So, hi! Im Caro and i just gathered all my courage to start doing this kind of posts!

Im a 20 something year old girl of 1.55 mts height ( 5.08ft) so, yes! im a pocket size. Sometimes i weight 50 kg , sometimes 55 kg depending on my mood and the season, so i dont have a model-like body, but hey! fashion is for everyone, right? not only for models, but to all fashion lovers.

I have a student/freelance stylist budget, so i think that u and i know pretty much understand what it means... I buy clothes in good stores, in average stores and sometimes in really crappy ones 'cause i totally believe that u can find cool stuff almost everywhere. So after i explained that... now in the next posts u'll probably see some label called "apocs", well is not a label, is just a fancy abreviation for "awesome purchase on crappy store". U'll see a lot of "me" too, that not a label either, that is just some piece i designed and have made by my tailor.

Im really hoping that u find something cool in this new "ERA" of TFI. I spent over a year gathering courage to start doing this after a friend practicly washed my brain telling me that i had to show pictures of me and my thanks A!. One of the things i wasn't convinced at all is the fact that now, im not only exposing my ideas... im now exposing myself! So please guys, be gentle, i'll apreciate all your nice comments :)

Lots of Love


Pics taken by
Fausta Abranovich


  1. yay! finally get to see you! nice to meet you. we're about the same height! looking forward to more posts like this one, you look great! such a pretty face :)

  2. I am glad to finally meet you! :)
    You look gorgeous! The first photo is really pretty. I can't wait to see more clothes designed by you.
    I know what you mean when you write about exposing yourself. I HATE to take pictures for my blog. I am glad I have the winter to blame my lack of pictures on right now :) But I know that is over soon. I like to see personal photos on other blogs so I try to put photos on my blog too. You did really good for a first time!
    - Marie
    PS Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog. Good luck to you too and you also have my support.