Tuesday, April 19


Brocade Jacket- me, Tee- Vintage Couture, Distressed Jeans- Zara, Heels- apocs, Earrings- Isadora, Bracelets- Vintage.

Hey Lovelies! There is nothing much too say lately... just on regular rutine going to classes while i dream on being in my hometown enjoying the beach during these Easter Holidays.

Are u guys are doing something?

Today i shot some outfit photos for
TFI and i had such a good time! I met this new photographer, Hidemi. She is like the sweetest girl on Earth and the most talented young one! She made me laugh so hard and made the whole shooting way too fun and natural. Can't wait to keep working with her! :D

I decide to introduce u one of my precious garments on my closet... this brocade jacket i designed myself and of course made by my tailor. Plus! i thought u guys should know the beautiful view i have in my flat... this is one of my favorites spots on my tiny little house, the balcony!

Lots of Love

Pictures taken by Hidemi


  1. me encanta las sandalias...la combinaciòn del jean roto con la chaqueta de brocado...todo el estilo està genial!

  2. The pictures are so beautiful and I love your brocade jacket! I really love this material. I wish I had more clothes made of it.
    - Marie
    PS The 7th picture is really my favorite. I love that the light makes a pattern on your skin!