Wednesday, April 27



Sweater- Express, Skirt-me, Booties- Aldo, Necklace- Dayaday

If u had to decide, would u say this is a leopard print skirt?

I made this last january with my tailor. The moment i saw the fabric i completely fell in love with it even though i could not figure out was print it had! The cashier woman on the store said it was Che Guevara's face... creepy. My tailor and my mom said it was totally the peace sign and me... well, i just love it because it looks like leopard.

Uploading this pics i could not stop thinking about what we were talking in class today. We were talking about animal prints and what kind of people likes to wear it... and let me tell u the description everyone made was very funny. My classmates ended up with the conclusion that most of women who uses the kind of print are like a "catwoman", those who want to look sexy (in a tacky way). Well, i dont agree with that... i really like it in some details, it looks really really awesome if u mix it and combined the right way, of course not like Peggy Bundy or Nanny Fine would do it!

This pics were shot by Hidemi, my new star photographer ( i love her already!) and i had a blast while taking them. We met this day and practicly in five minutes we were already chit-chating and laughing. She is increidbly sweet and made me feel so comfortable, that much that i could not stop laughing while she was shooting!

Lots of Love

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  1. Tutiiiiiiiiiiii, love the photoshoot, love the skirt, love everything about the blog, fashion is another world, lots of kisses and hugs, keep in touch, love Evita

  2. hello inner model! :) love these pics and the print on that skirt is interesting. looks like leopard from afar :)

  3. oooh I love the shoes and the skirt and the sweater... basically, I just love your whole outfit!!

  4. I loooove the 14th picture. It looks like an print ad! I love the pattern of your skirt. It looks like leopard but when you look closer you realize that it's not. Pretty original. And I loooove your purple booties!
    - Marie

  5. It does look like loeopard! Could've fooled me :) Love your bootiesand necklaces!